Would have to share a room. My dad just wanted his virgin daughter to stay that way until I was like 30. Then Mrs. Dallas said there would be no sex! My dad agreed quickly after that. But then I got a txt it was from my Brother who was away at college he said that he was coming home before dad went on his trip to check out this Cameron guy which made me kind of mad.

Cameron's p.o.v

My mom just told me that Montana was going to be staying with us. I was happy but a little nervous too. We only new each other about 2 month. Then the door bell rang.

Ding dong ding dong....

I went to answer the door it was Montana and her dad they had her stuff. Her dad kissed her good bye and said he would call every night she said ok she said love you dad and he left.

She ran up the stairs to my room put her stuff on my floor and then she fell a sleep.

A/n hope you guys like it so far I will try to update every day or so.

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