The flight took just a few hours.

In that time Clary and I had been watching series like 'The Big Bang Theory' or 'Friends' which I loved.

It was 6pm when we arrived to England. I was just soooo exited! I really couldn't believe that my dream was coming true.

We grabbed our bags and walked out the airport, where we saw a white paper with our names on it.

Clary grabbed my hand and we ran to the paper. Guess who was holding it...

"NIALL" I screamed while I was running to him.

"PAMELA!" He also screamed.

When I realized it I had thrown myself over him and he was spinning me around. He laid me on the floor and said:


"NIALL! They hugged each other "Of course I am!"

People was staring at us which was creepy, but we didn't mind.

I was so happy to see my cousin again!

But suddenly....


A group of girls was running toward us like an stampede.

"RUN!" Niall said.

We didn't thought it twice.

We ran the fastest that we could until we reached a black and big car. It seemed really expensive.

"Come on girls. Fast, fast." He helped us going into the car and placed our bags on the back of it.

When he hopped on the car, the girls were really close...

"To my house please, Boris. But fast." Niall said to the driver.

In a second we were already on our way and the fans had already stopped running.

"I will have trouble about that." My cousin announced.

"About what?" Clary and I asked at the same time.

"Our directioners will be mad at me for running away like that. But that's what our manager told me to do in this case, since you both are coming with me... My twitter will be full of mentions today." His face was showing a funny grin.

We laughed.

The house was a little bit far from the airport but we had a lot of fun while remembering all the stuff we used to do when he still lived in Ireland.

"We're here, sir." Boris announced.

"Thank you, Boris, you may go now." Niall responded.

He came out first so he could help us.

Clary went down first.

Niall offered me his hand when I was coming out.

"Such a gentleman" I said laughing.

"Of course, dear cousin." He joked.

When I lifted my eyes up, they found the huggest house I had EVER seen. It was a mansion, literally.

"Oh my God" I whispered.

I turned to see Clary with the same expression as me.

"It's beautiful, Niall."

"Thanks!" He smiled also looking.

There was period of silence in which the three of us were just staring at the building.

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