I want to start LDIMF up again by early May. Buttttt, we need our readers back! Each chapter has had around 15/20 readers and the 'updates' chapter has about 4. I understand that it wasn't even a proper chapter but there isn't really much point in starting the story up again if no one reads it! Pleaseeeee pleaseeee pleaseeeeeeeee tell your friends about LDIMF! Share, and comment as well please. I have asked for feedback and only 1 person has actually given me some. I love her dearly for it otherwise I wouldn't be starting this up again at all. 

All the silent readers we have, please just vote or comment? To give me a figure on how many people actually like the story! I'm not asking for a lot. 

When the story starts up again, I will be asking for votes to get the next chapter. This isn't unreasonable. Its just a button. Orrr, inbox me what you think. 

I love you guys but you really need to speak up. Tell me what you want or don't want. 



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