Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Are you confused yet? Some of you may be smart enough to get a rough idea of what's going on, others might be clueless to what's happening at the moment. So let me start at the beginning, where all of my troubles started.

I stood at the gates, amazed by the structure of the school that towered over me. The cherry blossoms that - No. That is very, very wrong.

You expected one of those clichéd scenarios where the main character stood in nervous excitement for his/her new happy and exciting high school life. Just to inform you, I am nothing like them. I had already seen my fair share of wonders, and in contrast, the school wasn't so amazing. I have to admit, the architecture was impressive, but I've seen many more things that at first glance, defy the laws of physics.

I stared at the building not from astonishment, but from the thoughts that invaded my mind.

I walked straight ahead, put away my bags, went to home group, the usual. The bustle of students and the chit chat made me feel uncomfortable. I never really liked social interaction. It was only 15 minutes before the opening ceremony, so I tried to find an isolated place where I could relax for a bit. But in my desperate attempt to find my 'happy place,' a hand landed on my shoulder and gripped it with crushing strength.

"Hugh? Is that?..."

Ugh, May. Even though she was a good friend , I wanted to avoid that crazy girl at all costs. She was a minefield, and for some reason, she attracted to me like a freaking magnet.

She grinned creepily, quietly laughing like a maniac.

"I've foooouuuuuuuund yooouuuuuuu."

Oh crap, what's she going to do to me now? Let me tell you, she was a master torturer with 5 years experience. May has done so many terrible things to me, such as burying me to the neck in the sandpit during 3rd grade. She grabbed me by my collar and dragged me across the corridor, multitudes of students staring at us in confusion. I didn't feel the slightest bit embarrassed, because I had mastered the art of not giving a fuck.

The rough dragging continued until we reached a tree near the border of the soccer pitch. It was giant, the cluster of leaves making a really good shelter from the oven heat of the sun. Waiting for us there were two students, sitting on the eroded roots of the tree.

There was a boy with brown hair, his style similar to mine, but less messy. He looked like the kind of guy that stayed in constant joy and had unlimited energy reserves. His blabber was interrupted by May's and my arrival.


He greeted us joyfully, and he introduced himself to me.

His name was Jason. Don't want to sound stereotypical here, but the name Jason perfectly fitted his annoying character.

"Welcome!" the girl greeted us. She introduced herself as Janette. Her red rimmed glasses oversized and her short, curly and blonde hair fluttered as she whipped her head around to my direction. My eyes spied on her bag sitting on the ground nearby, and found that there were a crap ton of manga inside. She must be an otaku. But after looking at her blue eyes, my gut told me that she was a massive weaboo.


Yup, my suspicions were confirmed. She was a stupid, annoying, weaboo.

She formed her hands into a peace sign and placed them next to her face, imitating the cute neko expression face, which she definitely wasn't.

"Hugh, these are my friends! Friends, this is Hugh!"

I stood in utter confusion. Why did she bring me here? To think that the first day would start out ridiculously like this.

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