Chapter 6: My powers

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                                                           The next day after that weird, creepy, risky, date was loads of fun. Let me explain. When I got up that morning Stacy actually cook, I mean she went out and paid for the breakfast. When I got to school Chris wasn't there because he was sick, that means more time to spend with Ryan. When I got to school Ryan had that creepy look on his face again.

Ryan- Hey, I need your help

Me- What do you mean by that exactly

Ryan- I mean that I have a friend who needs your help 

Me- How could I help

Ryan- Every body knows your a teacher's pet, so that can help a lot

Me- I'm not teacher's pet

Ryan- We both know that's a bunch of bull

Me- Okay, give me one example

Ryan- You made the math test for the 10th graders 

Me- So

Ryan- ( looks at Lucy with a weird smile)

Me- Okay, I get your point. So who are we helping

Ryan- A old friend of mine

                                                              Ryan told me all about this girls, named Rose. Rose is in the same grade as us and she just turned 15. Her father died when she was young. She has four younger siblings with different fathers and her mom is never around just like mine, but her life is even worst than mine because she lives in a small apartment. Since her mom is never around and her mom doesn't have a job she has to be the one to pay the bills. Her 13 year old brother already does not go to school because he has to work at he the super market and the only reason she goes to school because her brother begged her to get a education because this girls is very smart. Now you we never believe what the history teacher did, toke her phone. When she a 10 year old sister watching a sick 16 month baby while a 13 year old boy checks up on them every three hours. This the problem with teachers they think they know what's going on at home when they don't.  

Me- Wow, why did you tell me this

Ryan- Because I want you to help steal back her phone

Me- Wait!! you what me to steal

Ryan- Yeah you heard the story I just told you, if you like doing the right thing you would help me steal her phone back  

                                                                It took me a long time to think about but this girl has it so hard I can't even imagine being her. So I had to help her. Ryan had a plan he wanted me to walk in to the office and talk to the teacher because the teacher never get tired of talking to me. Then Ryan will sneak into the office go into the draw and take the phone.

Me- Okay, are you ready

Ryan- Ready as I'll ever be

                                                                 When I walked in I had a smile on my face started talking with Mrs. Stone about the fundraiser. Then Ryan sneaked in and went right by the draw, but Mr. King walked in and saw Ryan. Nothing happened to him he just got screamed at for 5 minutes. Then I finish the fake conversation with Mrs. Stone then walked away.

Me- Ryan, what are we going to do about Rose's phone

Ryan- You mean the one I have in my hand

Me- Wow, I can't believe you actually got it

Ryan- He didn't even see me

Me- That's awesome

Ryan- Can I tell you a secret, I know you are a angel 

Me- I already know that, there's  something different about you

Ryan- Did you also know that Rose and can teach you how to use your powers

Me- No, how will you do that

Ryan- You'll see

                                                          Ryan and Rose never used powers but there teach me how to use mine. How does Ryan even know Rose. They really helped me to use my powers so far I could use the four elements and I know how to fly. I wonder want would happen if my family found out I have been learning how to use my powers from someone they don't know. Would I get in trouble? I hope not. 

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