Chapter 17: Mother Ghast Returned

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We read the paper Tex sent us through the portal. We lid the portal back and read

Guys, I will go to Elen Village, Enderbrine has escape, Exploding TNT is dead.

We made a mini funeral for Exploding TNT, and continued the serach for Mother Ghast. Mother Ghast came back, this time we all fire at it first. It was getting hurt badly, but a person was healing it at the same time when Herobrine goes on and kills Mother Ghast, we go to investigate who was healing Mother Ghast. "Welcome to Hell" said the person. We saw it him. It was Steve. He had a helmet. Quickly everyone tried to destroyed the helmet but it was no use. I got close to him. "This isn't you" I said. "This is what Enderbrine made me" said Steve. "No, you decide your own destiny" I said. "It is decided" said Steve. "No, young miner of the overworld. You were meant to help us not destroy us. You will bring balanced to Minecraft, to balanced United Minecratians(The Name of the Nation they are in, Liberty City, Light City and Buca City are all part of United Micratians). "Forget him" said mostly everyone. I kept telling him about himself and so did Herobrine. His brain was getting worse until the helmet broke. "LET"S GO" said Steve.

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