Chapter 3 ( The Appointment )

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After school I met Andrew at his car as we are getting in I see Jakob running to the car as fast as he can.

" What do you want?"I said rudely.

" I will go with you, I thought it over and your right I am probably the only person who could be the father"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah but first we need to know that u are actually pregnant"

" True" I said back in shock that he would actually say that.

"Umm guys her appointment is in 20 mins. we need to go." Andrew intruded.

"Right let's go" We  both said at the same time, which was very creepy.

As we were pulling in the driveway of the hospital I started to feel nauseous,  like I was going to throw up. So I told Andrew to hurry up and park because I needed to use the restroom. As soon as we parked I ran into the doctors office and of course threw up. Then I knew something was wrong. I never throw up that much before,  good thing I am here.

Andrew and Jakob , meet me in the office waiting for my name to be called, and I see a magazine for pregnant women. So I picked it up and started flipping to the parts that I wanted to read. I foumd a page of signs of pregnancy and baby names for girls and boys. I read the signs and I have got every sign accept for one, vomiting/getting sick to your stomach,  I have only thrown up once. I thought maybe I am just really early in my pregnancy or my body is not thonks I am pregnant just yet.

A few mins. later my name gets called by a very pretty docter named.. I don't know what her name was, bit she was very nice.

As she brings us into the room with the things for an ultra sound I notice Jakob is nervous.

"You ok?" I ask him.

"Yeah just a little worried I am not ready to be a dad." He said shaking.

"And I am not ready to be a mom but we have to or I do." I said with my hand on his shoulder.

"We ha.." Someone intrupes me.

"Good evening I am Dr . Rachel and I will be your docter today"

"Hi" We all say at the same time.

"If... Grace could come lay on the bed that would great so we can get started." She said looking into her files for my name.

I lay down on the bed and pulls up my shirt. She warns me that the stuff is going to be a bit cold.

We are looking at the screen to find the baby. All the sudden Dr . Rachel notices the baby.

"There is your baby Grace."

"Can you tell the gender?" Jakob asks.

"No I would say Grace is only 2 and a half to 3 months pregnant so only about 12 weeks. " Dr . Rachel adds.

After the appointment Tyler, Andrew and I go grab something to eat at the nearest McDonalds and I got a big mac I was starving, Andrew got a 10 peice chicken nugget and fries, Tyler just got a small fry.  We all got vanilla milkshakes to drink.

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