Chapter 21 Kaidyn

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     When Chantel told me she was pregnant, I nearly choked. I should have expected her to be, since every girl Marcus was with got pregnant. I laughed at my thoughts before zoning back into the call.

"So are you keeping it?"

She was quiet for a few moments before speaking which made me realize she was hesitant.


I didn't know how to respond so I remained quiet. I didn't agree with her decision to keep the baby because I knew what would happen. Chantel was an honor student and having a baby would only slow her down. She couldn't attend any college and manage to take care of a baby. I wanted better for my friend but who was I to go against her wishes?



"Why are you so quiet?"

"Just thinking about my niece or nephew." I could hear her laughing into the phone.

We talked a while about names for the baby and Marcus. I could tell that she was excited, but my only concern was if she wanted to keep this baby for the right reasons. She made me promise to wait until the time was right before telling Dria. We both knew a lecture would be coming, so we needed time to prepare for it.

    I watched as my grandmother pulled out of the driveway before closing the curtain. Things weren't any better between the two of us and it was killing me inside. I wanted her to accept Daniel but she was stuck in her ways.

     Searching through the fridge, I noticed we had nothing to drink. I sighed heavily, when realizing I would have to walk to the store around the corner for a soda. Grabbing a few dollars, I found my keys and headed out of the door. The warm sun tingled against my thighs as I walked down the broken cement. My shorts weren't short enough for this hot weather. Sweat beads were appearing on the brim of my nose as I strolled down the sidewalk.

An old school grey Cadillac, bumping music loudly slowed down beside me.

"You too pretty to be walking." He spoke leaning or of his car and driving to match my pace.

"I'm okay." I smiled.

He had a few other guys in the back seat and passenger's side who looked just as thirsty as him.

"I wouldn't have you out here like this. Where yo man at?"

He was practically drooling while watching me walk.

"My nigga hustling, baby." I laughed, turning the corner. 

His facial expression was now dry when realizing that I wasn't single.

"That's Daniel's bitch." I heard one of the men in the back say.

The driver sucked his teeth and kept his eyes glued to me.

"That young ass nigga. That's real cute and all but you need to leave them lil niggas alone and get on some real shit." He smirked.

"Ain't nothing lil about nigga." I mugged.

"What you need? I can buy anything you want and more than that nigga."

He was now thumbing through a stack of money as I cut my eyes at him.

Damn he thirsty. I thought to myself when finally nearing the store.

"Nigga, this pussy priceless." I laughed swinging the door open.

      The cool air instantly sent chills through my body as I greeted the cashier when entering. I walked to the back of the store in search of something to drink and decided to grab some candy. I waited in line a few minutes before reaching the cashier. While fishing in my purse to pay for my items, I heard a voice behind me.

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