Part 1

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(The characters don't actually act like this in real life so please don't be offended this is all fiction and btw Harry is not famous here)

(Also beware of some inappropriate scenes and language)

Shay and Ashton have been together for a couple of monthes now and things were beginning to get serious. Shay was at his apartment waiting for him to get back from his rehearsals.

Their was a knock on the door, assuming it was him you opened the door to unpleasantly find Harry standing in the door frame. His hair was swept across his forehead making him look younger. He's wearing a grey hoodie and vans and I try not to stare at how youthful his presence is right now.

"We need to talk" he says inviting himself in.

"Their is nothing to talk about".I walk to the small living room continuing to watch the tv screen even though theirs nothing on.

He stares at my cold bare arm and grabs it.

"Ow what are you doing"

"What is this?" He looks at me sadly and I eye at the bruised mark on my arm.

"Nothing I just fell off my the night?" my statement sounding more as a question.

He looks at me clearly unhappy of my answer.

"It's nothing to talk about I swear" I tell him and he looks at me still not okay with it but let's it go anyways. Thank god.

"Can't we at least talk about the kiss for a second?"

Now my blood is boiling. How dare he confront me while I am in this fragile state, this very confusing state. I don't understand I am with Ashton so why on earth would I kiss Harry? Wait a minute but I didn't.. I didn't kiss him.

"You kissed me Harry and it was a mistake, we all make mistakes".

"Well if you really didn't feel anything then why didn't you pull away?".

I shut my eyes knowing that he was right. Why didn't I pull away?

"You know Shay it's okay to feel something for someone but it's not okay to push that person away" he says inching closer and closer to me at the couch. I know what he's doing so I stand up and move to the wall.

He grins and still makes his journey towards me. He is so close to me now that I can feel his steady breath.

"It's just not fair to the other person and you know that don't you?" he whispers in my neck and I can hear my heart beating so loud I'm wondering if he can hear it as well.

"Especially when that person really wants to fuck you"

"Hard" he says roughly and I gasp while closing my legs together

He laughs. "Oh baby you won't be closing your legs after what I'll be doing to you later".

He plays with the hem of my shirt and that's when I hear the front door click. I push Harry away but it's too late.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Ashton says to more himself then us.

"Shit" I hear Harry say under his breath.

"Ash babe it's nothing Harry was just leaving". I nod to Harry to leave but he stays his ground. Why isn't he leaving?

Harry's POV

Shay nods to me but I won't take it. I need to start standing up for the shit I believe in and if telling Ash that me and Shay were about to fuck then tell Ash I shall.

"Look Ash we were gonna-" as I was speaking I feel two small hands cover my mouth. I lick her hand knowing that she will let go and she does.

"He's your bestfriend" she barely whispers while tears begin to form in her deep brown eyes.

I can't do it. Not with Shay looking at me the way she is right now. She's the only person that I would never hurt.

I know what she wants so I step out the apartment wondering why Ash didn't knock me out. Not that he could anyways but I wonder why.

I shut the door and go to the parking lot texting Shay.

-Call me if you need anything.

Shay's POV

Ashton hasn't said anything yet and I am beginning to worry what he will do even though I know what's coming.

He comes close to me and I bow my head to the floor closing my eyes.

He lifts my chin up and slaps me. Hard. I tremble to the floor and stay there.

"You whore" he spits. He lifts me and pushes me to the wall.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!". He screams and I can already feel the tears spilling all around the room as I wait to be drowned in them.

He drops me on the floor making a big thump noise.

Only that was the beginning.

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