I'm awakened by loud booming and crashing noises that pierce my ears. I freeze in bed and run through all the bad scenarios that could be occurring right outside my (open)bedroom door. My first thought is that my house has been broken into but, that thought soon fades when i see a dark figure slip through the slightly ajar door. As my thoughts get worse I run and crouch down in the corner. A low chuckle is heard and I squint to look at the figure in which it came from. This lighting is terrible so, I can only make out that the figure is a male, has cargo shorts on, and he wears a dark t-shirt. I run my eyes up his body. My heart stops when my eyes meet his harsh yet, amused hazel ones. I stand up and walk towards the light coming from the street light outside my blinds. As i get closer, I finally the disgustingly familiar smirk and my eyes become wide with shock...


So I have noticed that almost everyone who reads the description and then goes on to my prologue BUT then don't read the first chapter... Don't let the prologue stop you from reading the first chapter. I worked really hard on it and I will continue to work hard on every chapter to come, so please try it and i promise I will make adding my story to your library worth while! FYI Hated to Love... has an instagram page where you can see whatever i put up for a chapter and you can request for me to put something on instagram if your having trouble imagining something. Also I will try to update every weekend, if I have the time :) Instagram @hated_to_love_fanfic 

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