"Those are my plates! Excuse me!" Bilbo shouted, watching in horror as his pantry was slowly being emptied by a hoard of very hungry dwarves. The calming silence of his home seemed far behind him, the calming cackling of a fire could no longer be heard, for the only thing Bilbo could hear was the loud conversations of his new rowdy guests. "Not my wine. Put that back." He insisted, though to no avail. "Put that back! Not the jam, please! ...Excuse me!"

As he aimed desperately to prevent his entire stock of food from being entirely devoured, his eye caught notice to Bombur, the portly hobbit, walking from the pantry with three large wheels of cheese in hand. As Bilbo was affixing his suspenders to his trousers he looked to Bombur uneasily, "Excuse me. A tad excessive…isn't it? Have you got a cheese knife?"

Bombur said nothing, his eyes fixed in a heavy trance on the cheese. Bofur, however smirked widely, "Cheese knife? He eats it by the block."

The hustle and bustle seemed to be getting progressively worse as more of Bilbo's possessions were being moved and tussled about. Several of the dwarves were continuing to move some more chairs, some of which Bilbo recognized as family antiques, into the dining hall. Bilbo, finally ending up in the dining hall peered on at the sight of these dwarves making complete pigs out of themselves with both his food and his darling ale.

Gandalf seemed to be tolerating the lot of them just fine, though Bilbo's eyes stopped scanning the room when he saw Kattrin, curled up atop a hutch in the back corner of the room, behind the head of the table where Bombur was seated. She was higher up than all of them, and to his surprise she looked just as disgusted as he did. Her grimace only worsened when she caught sight of Bombur being tossed some food, only to catch it in his mouth. She looked to Bilbo and wrapped his robe around herself even tighter.

Bilbo had, for the moment, admitted defeat and just listened to their cheers. They all counted to three and chugged back large steins of ale, a lot of which merely spilled down the sides of their face. Was this the answer, Bilbo thought? To silence a dwarf, one must simply give them booze. Though, to his luck he knew he was completely out. Fili elbowed Kili and they both gave one another a wide-toothed grin, eyeing Kattrin. Fili said aloud in her direction, "Is the princess hungry? I'd imagine so after having not eaten in so long."

Kili smiled to her, picking up a biscuit and tossing it to her. Kattrin hurriedly adjusted herself and caught the biscuit, nearly falling off the top of the hutch. All eyes were on her as she took a small bite. Kili laughed lightly and looked to Gandalf with fake look of confusion, "Gandalf, are you sure she's not a housecat?"

Catching wind of his comment, Kattrin glowered and through the biscuit at Kili, causing it to break against his head and crumbs to go flying everywhere. He turned around suddenly, caught off guard. The other dwarves chuckled and Gandalf smirked, "You mustn't forget that she can understand you, Kili."

Though Bilbo did not want to admit it, because it was indeed very childish, he could not help but hold back a small bit of laughter. While it was in a hobbit's nature to ensure the comfort of a guest, it was also understood that the guest should not cause any discomfort to the hobbit. The dwarves had not held up their end of decorum, therefore Bilbo didn't see why it was wrong to find humor in their discomfort.

Their feast came to an end and the dwarves began to scatter throughout the house, visiting with one another. Bilbo's frustration was beginning to show face again as he grabbed a doily from Ori's elder brother, Nori. "Excuse me, that is a doily, not a dishcloth!"

Nori gave it up without much of a fight, however Bofur felt the need to chime in, "Ah, but it's full of holes!"

"It's supposed to look like that; it's crochet."

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