My One and Only (Luke Hemmings)

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(A/N)  I'm not the best at writing stories, but I'll try again. "Love Me or Love Me Not" will probably have one or two more chapters and an epilogue to it. This story will be my main focus for now.


"Come on Dad', I pleaded to him once again,"Quit your mechanical engineering job and pursue your music career."

"It's not that easy Hallie. Yes, I love music, but it isn't going to pay the bills." he sighed. I got up and went upstairs to my room. I searched 'mechanical engineering jobs in New York'. Nothing pulled up. 

I stood up, got my computer, and ran downstairs to show Dad. "Look Dad," I screamed from upstairs," I looked up 'mechanical engineering jobs in New York' and look: NOTHING!!!!!!!!" 

"Look honey, I can tell you like music, so I will try to go to school to be an audio engineer. That's as far as I'll go with it. OK?"

"YES!YES!YES!" I screamed. 

"ok now go to your room and fill out your college applications. School iis ending soon and you need to be accepted to a music college before you leave high school." he instructed. 

"Yes Daddy!", I squealed, "I'll get accepted somewhere. I know it!!"

I go upstairs and look up 'Best Music Colleges in the World'. My results were all mainly in the states, but one stuck out to me. Sydney Music Academy, Sydney, Australia. 

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