Loving little Sasuke

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Sasuke's POV

So I noticed that Naruto is getting a little chubby, he's been doing this for about a month now. And he's been eating random things with things like cottage cheese or pickles. It grosses me out at some point but I think I know why. I had asked him why he was eating so much but I almost got my head cut off. I stayed away from Naruto after that but now he was wanting to cuddle all day long. I had given in a few minutes ago since he started to give me his puppy eyes. So Naruto was cuddling into my chest on the couch while Saruto was playing in his play pen. I was thinking of what the baby might be, boy or girl. Blonde or ravenette, pale or tan, I couldn't stop wondering. I smiled to myself when I looked to Saruto who was standing up in his pen and staring at Naruto. I poked Naruto's side making him raise his head at me.

"I think Saruto wants you."I said and nodded toward Saruto.

Naruto mumbled something and got up.I smiled at him andwatched him bend down to pick up our eldest child. Saruto attached himself to Naruto as they came back to the couch. I chuckled as Naruto had a hard time sitting down. Saruto slipped out of his arms and climbed onto my lap. He laid his head on my chest and stuck his thumb into his mouth. I pulled it back out since I didn't want him to have an over bite. Naruto finally sat down when there was a knock at the door. He groaned and mumbled something again. I laughed and handed Saruto to him, I stood up and went to go answer it.  I opened the door without looking through the peep hole. Standing on the other side of the door was a police woman, I mental threw up as I let her in.  She had a manilla folder in her hands, I looked at it ccuriously . She handed it to me, I took it and opened it up.

"File on Rose Misora. Thought you might want to see it." She said and glanced around the hallway.

I saw Rose's profile which I didn't care for so I just skipped to her background. She was a thief, a rapist and some other stuff I could care less for. The cop cleared her throat making me look up at her.

"I'm keeping this ffor a bit, I think I have some papers from her before all this happened." I lied.

The cop nodded and reached for the door knob. I let her leave on her own as I went back to Naruto and Saruto. Naruto was giving Saruto Raspberries when I walked in. Naruto stopped when he saw the file and looked to me. I shrugged and gave it to him, he took it while I took Saruto into my arms. I coughed when I finally got a whif of poop. I sighed and stood up again. Naruto was reading through the file as I walked out the living room and down the hall. I stepped into Saruto's room and started to undo the daiper before actualy reached the changing station. As expected the little prince has made a poo poo. I smiled at him as he opened his mouth for his thumb. I quickly grabbed a pacifier from the little dresser next to the changing station and stuck it in his mouth, I wiped him up until he was clean and puffed some baby powder on his bum. I was lost since I hadn't changed his diaper in a while. Naruto waddled in and sat himself on the rocking chair pouting. 

"Naruto w-"I started when he pointed behind me to a shelf. 

I nodded my thanks and finished up Saruto before turning to an angry yet cute Naruto. He rocked himself as he set the file on his lap. I traded Saruto for the file then helped him up. Damn Naruto this baby is going to be fat.I thought as I helped him walk to out room where Saruto was free to destroy. Naruto laid himself on our bed and sighed. I set the file on my side on the bed and waited for him to say something. 

"Did you read it all?"Naruto asked and pulled the covers over himself.

I shook my head and sat down at the foot of the bed watching Naruto have some difficulties getting comfortable. I chuckled to myself as he finally finished, he looked like a baby hippo in bed. Saruto was walking around,we were so happy that he finally learned to walk, throwing things and laughing. I poked Naruto's toes as his eyes got heavier. He yawned making me smile.

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