This IS the last part of The Big Surprise, no school, so maybe 2 more chapters this week and 2/3 next week. I have NOT planned much of this book out, but if I finish it I will do another book about their life before this book, someone messaged me saying I should write how they met and stuff like that so I am.

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I could'nt believe it when Vanessa told me the news! I'm so happy for her and Ni, I wonder if she told anyone else. At the moment everyone is in here, I realized I zoned out when Vanessa was shouting my name very, very loud in my ear.

'Goodness Vanessa, can you shout any louder?' I asked.

'I can if you want to end up like poor, old Hazza' She replied.

'NOOOO, I'm okay, I promise' I shouted.

'Suit yourself' She said over her shoulder as she walked towards the kitchen.

'The baby is going to eat way to much' I thought to myself. I must have said that outloud as the other boys, well Louis, Liam and Harry, questioned me on what I meant. I need to have Vanessa tell them, I can't, this is her job.

'I'll be right back' I said and rushed to the kitchen, grabbed Vanessa, put her on my shoulder being careful of her very small baby bump and rushed back to the boys, who were exactly as I left them.

'Vanessa, you need to tell the the bad news' I said looking directly in the eyes adding a quick wink at the end signaling for her to go along with it.

'Um, how do put this, don't say anything, well don't shout but.........' She trailed on letting out a small, single tear run down her cheek. Woah she is so good at this, maybe she could teach me. I wiped the tear of her face and thought about sad things to make my eyes water. YES, it worked, my visions going blurry. BOOYAH.

'Should we go get Niall?' Liam asked.

'No, i'm okay, I'm gonna go tell him after I tell you guys. Well, where was I, oh yes, while you guys were gone. I was really ill, and Zendaya found out, she took me to the doctors and I'm going back tomorrow and I'm bring Perrie and Zayn as they know the whole story and the doctor told me to have at least 1 person with me whenever I go to the doctors in case of any problems. I'll tell you everything when we get back tomorrow, okay.' She said.

'Okay V, talk to you tomorrow, hope you get better or something, I guess.' Harry told her.

'See you guys in the morning, I'm tired and I'm sure that Vanessa and Perrie have jetlag.' I said, and that was the end of my day

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