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“Nein! The Americans are coming!” Jason yelled as he held me by the collar, forcing my exhausted body back and forth as I sat in a near dead state on my chair. The study session that ensued the night before had left me fatigued and drowsy. I had no energy in my backup reserves to write up the homework that was carelessly thrown at me by my science teacher, Mr. Arbok, let alone lift a finger.

“Don’t you see it? The Americans? They’re running at us right there!”

I mustered the power to lift my body by at least an inch to look at the window beside me. Whenever he mentioned the Americans, he meant the people that were in our so called ‘friend group.’

They were walking all so energetically towards the first floor of the school. I was jealous, why can’t they sprinkle a bit of that energy on me?

Jason’s bright brown eyes sparkled as he watched Janette and May pursue in their idle chatter as they strolled into the school, until they were out of sight.

We waited for around 5 minutes as the girls walked up the stairs that I clumsily tripped over too often. The extremely talkative brown haired idiot blurted out random nonsense in the mess of his own enthusiasm.

Bang! The sliding door of the club room slammed open, with Janette’s hands behind the metal handle.

“Ohio kawaii friends!”

Janette; the blonde haired weaboo that contaminates our conversations with random and improperly used Japanese, or so called ‘otaku’ terms.

“Hey guys!”

Jason; the brown haired, senseless guy whose mouth ran like a motorboat, spilling out stories that no one in the world would give one shit about.

“The organisation has called!”

May; the short, black haired delusional girl that blabbers on about how she learned to ride a battle unicorn to save the earth and defeat the demon king, something like that.

And one more thing that you should know, she’s the one that caused the madness that took place in my grey life.

“Oh… sup”

And last but is also the least, me. Hugh, a high school boy that seeked a peaceful life in Guran Academy, but was met with a fate that would piss him off for the rest of his school life.

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