Taylor's POV

Oh my gosh, I think I just hit something, its not even dark and I cant see what I hit. As I get out of my car I start to see brown hair. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh its, its Liam!!!!!!!!! I hope he is ok, I hope he's not hurt or injured at all, gasp I hope he's not DEAD! Immediately my conscience takes over and goes to check his pulse, but my voice has other plans. I feel like were in slow motion as I start to run to Liam while I cry and scream "LIAM!!!!!!!!" repeatedly. I reach my hands down and hug Liam then I check his pulse, I am relieved when I find he is breathing perfectly fine. He opens his eyes and I hear him say something but I cant make out what it is plus I really don't care, he is alive and that's all that matters. "Liam, are you ok?" I ask even though I realize he was just hit by his best friend. "yea, I think so! But you hit my ankle pretty hard. I want to get it checked out 'cause I think its broken." he manages to say, which is a lot for a guy who just got hit by a car. "sure, umm I can drive. I mean I wouldn't want to drive after getting hit in the ankle. he-he." I fake laugh trying to make a joke but he looks at me and burst out laughing because I suck at cheering people up. He gets in the passenger seat of my car and we totally skip coffee. When we get there I help him out and then basically drag him to the hospital. "thanks" he mumbles. "Yea no problem". Its pretty awkward sitting in the hospital. The last time I was here was when I was 7 years old.


"Dad are you ok?" I ask. "Y-yea honey I'm fine" he seems occupied. He look sweaty and he is shaking. The car swivels for the 3rd time this ride, I'm not ganna lie I'm really scared. "I'm I'm I'm I'm" huh awkward he keeps saying I'm. He looks kind of..... well drunk I guess. The car swivels again but this time we go into another car. "Daddy m my head hurts. Daddy wake up please" I start to cry......... when I wake up I'm in a truck, my dads right next to me. "Hi my names dr. Greg, I'm here to help you and your dad. Can you tell me how this happened." "The the ugh car swivvvv swiveled and and th then my dad veers into another car. He wo wouldn't answer me (sob) I told him my head hurt and now I'm here." I sob out. "Good, good. Now can you tell me how your dad was acting before the crash." He asks me. It's hard to speak or to understand him. "It it hurts" I say so I can right instead of speak. "Ok we'll I'm going to give you a notepad can you right?" he asks "y yes" I answer him.

My dad was shaking and he was stumbling on words he also was sweating. He dozed off a couple times....

(Hey it's me sorry the chapters short I'm just trying to fill in so I can get to better parts that I have in mind. Also I felt bad that I left u guys hanging with Liam. Vote Comment>3 ❤❤❤)

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