the darkness of the fang

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*bio* hey umm this is beru  im,..18? i think and im part wolf and this is just the journel entrys thru my life.. and well its like this i was a orphan being tested on  by family is unknown but i remember being

apart of a wolf pack i think not any more since i left long ago.. due to the fact im nothing to them but living on my own  but something is  haunting my mind for the worse... im scared.. i dont know what to

do or say... dang it.. i better hurry before anything happens ill continue writeing this entry soon*date unknown journel entry 1 to be continued*

journel entry part 2  hey its me again im current in route trying to hide i been hearing something

strange and its been getting me worried... i dont know whats going on but i need to try and find a way

out of here" from what it since it must be azura  but i dont know  it  feels more... evil.. but i dont know i

cant.. find things out yet.. uh oh i hear another noise wait it.. sounds alot like scarletts uh oh meaning there joining in the hunt   .. so nyx aswell crap...the darkness is getting worse as  im

writeing this.... my heart.. is beating rapidly while im trying to hide from the area i dont know how long ill last but ill keep these entrys going im going to end this hear beru out*"*  thats when another

entry begins*    day 2* hello beru here.. im hideing in this cave from to the north and what i since.. is well im relived   i havent been attacked yet.. and well out of every thing  im unscaved whic h  is a

relief... but i hear her laughter... its getting louder the second i write this  im gonna go deeper down  

im gonan have to end this here... beru out  for awhile*journel entry ends there thats when he goes to

start running  trying to get more further  thats when he collapses  scrapeing his knee in the proccess* but he notices hes close to a near by village* as chaptre one ends here*

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