Lilly's POV

"J-justin?" I can't believe what I'm seeing. I ran over to him. "w-what have you done?" justin was passed out covered in blood while a man was laying with him head ripped off and his internal organs ripped rate out. "Y-you killed h-him." I know justin was a killer but I've never seen him kill someone and here he is laying on the ground after slaughtering another man.

"Hmmm." making a noise I instantly sat their ready incase justin tried to do something. "l-lilly?" he said my name. thst a good thing right? monsters don't say it all scared like. "I'm h-here." he slowly sat up rubbing his head. "W-where am i?" I sighed. "um your in my yard and you uh did some business. he looked confused but then his eyes widened once he saw the ripped up man. "n-no. I d-did it again?" I nodded. he held his head in his hands. "why c-can't i e-ever stop?" he started to cry. I felt so bad for him but not as much as the man I mean look at him. it's gross and he might have had a family at home waiting for him.

"Um it's ok justin." he looked up at me with red puffy eyes. "you think this is ok?! I-I'm killing I-innocent p-people!! n-not even k-killing them! s-slaughtering them!!!" I was a little shook up from his words. now that I know what he is I am scared of him. I just don't try to show it. just so he feels better. "I was just make you feel sorry" he sighed. "t-the p-police will be h-here soon." I nodded and grabbed his arm. I felt sparks jolt up through them. "ouch!" I let go and held my hand. "y-you ok? d-did I do s-something?" I jut strafed blankly at my hand. "no. it's fine just a poke is all." I sighed not holding his arm again. why is it whenever I'm near him I get this weird feeling?

I took him into the house and up to the bathroom. I hope the cops don't think I did this. Maybe I should have justin just leave until then? no I can't do that cause ten he's alone again. he would be hurt. "uggg!" I turned on the bath for Justin. "here ya go." he rubbed his arm with his head down. "what's wrong?" he shuffled across the floor. "I um... k-kinda need h-help." my eyes widened. "with what?" he looked at me with fear in his eyes. "M-my body is still trying to h-heal from Ch-changing." I just nodded my head In agreement. "and?" he looks so nervous. if he would jut spit it out already. "I c-can't lift m-my arm more than about a l-little above m-my waist." so he wants his shirt off. fine with me is just shirt. "ok then." I brought him into the bathroom and told him to Take his sweats off. "now cause I need to wash these clothes before the cops see if they do come." he nodded and took them off. this poor kid he has scars even on his legs. It looked awful to a normal person but I thought it was a little different. yeah I weird go ahead make fun of me. "ok now I'll get your shirt." He didn't look to comfortable.

I slowly slid it off his arms then over his head. I finally got his soaked shirt off his tiny little body. I never noticed before be he had a nice toned stomach and a 6 pack. dang this boy must do something to keep those. Once I was done checking him out I noticed a scar above his waist. it was new cause I didn't see it before. it stretched from his hip bone to barely his belly button. I wanted to touch it. which being weird me I did cause I couldn't help it. "W-what are you d-doing?" I just glided my finger across it. "your scar" he put his head down in shame. "I'm s-such a d-disgrace." I looked up at him. my heart melted at his softness. "your not a disgrace justin." he wouldn't look at me so I lifted his chin. "justin you are not. God put you here cause he loves you. if you were a disgrace he wouldn't have said wow look at this I made this nice sweet boy that deserves a chance." he gave me a small smile. "and these." I traced all his scars which their were a lot. "are just to show your strong and God new that you would beat it. he's with you every step of the way. I promise you."

He gave me another smile as hugged me. "thank y-you l-lilly. I feel l-like I can trust y-you." he chuckled. man that laugh. it's so cute. "ok well I have the water started. You want in?" he nodded. "um....i need...." I cute him off "I know you need help. I'll just turn around until you get in the tub." He nodded. I turned around and waited until I heard a splash. "ouch....ahhh." I heard him relax so I knew I was good. "ok then. you like the warm bath?" I giggled. he nodded in return and closed his eyes. "last t-time I had a b-bath like this was.......2 y-years ago." my mouth fell open. "what!? you serious? you have taken a bath or shower since then?" he nodded in agreement. "I've only cleaned my self up in rivers or ponds after i..k-killed s-someone." I nodded not knowing what else to say. "Do you want me to scrub your back?" he smiled and leaned forward. I grabbed the spongy and some of my dad's soap on it. I scrubbed his back seeing more scars. I know I keep saying that but I can't help but notice how many he has.

"Ok your arms." he gave me his arms and I scrubbed. I notice Everytime he changes and gets a car it goes in a certain place for how he acts or what he feels. like the one he has on his elbow. he must have broke his arm or something so it formed there. "Ok your legs." he lifted them so his knees were about the water. don't worry their is bubble soap. I'm not a pervert. "And last but not least your chest and stomach." he laid back against the tub. i started rubbing his chest then his stomach. man his abs are so nice. I'm not gonna lie. I heard justin make this weird purring noise. I looked up to see him smiling. his smile is just gorgeous. "ok I'm done." he opened his eyes and sighed. "sounded like you enjoyed that." he looked at me weird. "w-what you m-mean?" I giggled. "you were purring like a cat." he blushed. aww I've never sen him do that! "oh s-sorry. I havnt d-done that in a w-while. it o-only happen when i-I'm relaxed or someone's....." I cut him off. "Touching you?" he blushed and hid his face. "y-yeah." I smiled and grabbed a towel. "here ya go." he took the towel and I turned around so he could wrap himself. "you can look now." I turned back around with just him having it wrapped around his waist. sexy he is I'm so not gonna hide it. his laughing interrupted my thoughts. "what?" he smiled. "y-your staring." I blushed. oops. "oh sorry." I nervously laughed. "Let's

go get you some clothes." he nodded an I led him to my parents room. "sweats...and well there's no more t shirts till I wash you one." he sighed. "that's f-fine." I nodded and gave him briefs too. "ok change I'll be in my room." And with that I left.

I sat on my bed and put the song Ghost on the Dance-floor by Blink-182 on. "someone's back." he smiled and sat down on my bed next to me. "feel better now they your officially clean?" he smiled and laid down. "I'm t-tired l-Lilly." I giggled and laid down with him. "yeah me too. it's been a long day." I looked over at Justin and just smiled. he returned one back. "y-you have a b-beautiful smile." I blushed. "thanks jay." he smiled. "n-nickname?" I nodded. "yeah it's cute don't ya think?" he put his hand on his head. "y-yeah is p-perfect."

I don't think this boy realized he's very sweet and attractive if I must say. he acts like nobody would ever want to talk to him. I started to play with Justin's hair as we both just laid there. his hair is so soft now that's it's clean. he must have had a quiff or something cause he hasn't had it up and it lays across his face in a swish look. "I'm gonna get you a haircut ok?" he smiled and played with my other hand. "a-anything for you." this boy is making my insides melt. while he played with my hands I noticed he had tattoos. "I like this one." I pointed to the rose he had. "W-why?" I smiled. "Because it resembles love and pure heart. also it's delicate and rare." he looked me straight win the eyes and ran his thumb down my cheek. "it's a-all yours." I nodded and he picked up my hand and kisses it. "I w-would never h-hurt you. y-you trust me?" I kisses his cheek. "I trust you." he chuckled and scooted closer to me. "is t-this ok?" I snuggled my head into his chest. "is that your answer?" he wrapped his arms around my body his his face in my neck. "y-yes." I started to doze off but I realized justin fell asleep before I did. i felt his chest start to vibrate. he was purring again. I giggled softly and fell asleep to his soft sounds. I think I'm falling for him


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