Chapter five

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The crowd was screaming "Kill them!" I looked at Mike with my Eyes wide. "Kat. I never got the chance to tell you this but, I've liked you for a while. I was afraid to tell you. But now that we are going to die I thought I would tell you now." Mike said. "We will love each other in heaven." I said. Suddenly I saw Leslie Shawn and Dakota. I mouthed the words "Guys help us. Please." Leslie nodded. Suddenly the lights went off and someone grabbed my hand and pulled me. "Hey!" "Shut up bitch!" I could tell it was Dakota. We ran out of the jail. I didn't say a word. We were running until we reached home. "Are you two out of your fucking mind?!" Dakota yelled to me and Mike. "If you didn't make Kat cry and run out we wouldn't be there." Mike replied. "We'll she needs to man up! Why is she even a Midnight Teen?! She's such a fucking weakling." Dakota yelled. "If you would stop yelling and bullying me I wouldn't have depression and then none of this would never have happened!" I yelled. Tears streamed down my face. "Dakota. Stop." Shawn said. Leslie hugged me. "Shawn you can't tell me what to do. I lead all of you guys, you've gotta obey if you wanna live. Or you'll end up like Kat. Look how skinny she is!" Dakota laughed. I looked down. "Look, treat us how you want to be treated. Gosh." Shawn said. Shawn was like a big brother to me. He was 15, turning 16 Friday. I looked up to him, so did everyone else. "You know what-" Dakota paused and looked at me. He grabbed my wrist and ran out the door. "Dakota stop!" Leslie screamed. She darted after us. "Is he fucking crazy!" Mike yelled. Suddenly we stopped near the lake. "I have a secret." He whispered in my ear. "You had a brother, he was useless like you so, I killed him." He whispered. I felt shocked. "What? I don't remember even having a brother." I said. "Its a secret." Dakota said. Leslie Shawn and Mike where running to catch up to us. "Dakota don't!" Leslie screamed. Dakota looked at me and smirked. He knew I couldn't swim well. "If you want her to live dont take another step." Dakota said. I struggled to make him let go of me. He let go then he looked at me. I punched him in the face hard. "You fucking bitch!" He yelled. He pushed me into the lake. I was sinking to the bottom. My ankle hurt so bad. I saw someone jump in but I couldnt tell who it was. They grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. I was coughing up water. I still didnt look to see who it was, my eyes were closed. "You alright?" I could tell it was Shawn. "I'm f-fine." I said shivering. "Dakota, why the hell are you trying to kill her?" Shawn asked. "It's complicated. I don't want to share. And why would I tell you anyway?" He replied. "I think it's best if you leave." Leslie said. Dakota laughed. "Leave? Ha! Why would I leave?" "Because if you don't, you will wake up in hell." Leslie replied. "You know what, your going to regret making me leave." Dakota said. He ran off into the woods. We all walked back home. "Guys, thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without you." I said smiling. We all got together and we all group hugged.

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