Sorry to be a bitch but...

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Ok guys look. Sorry if I sound like a bitch right now but you all need to calm the hell down and quit acting like a fucking dick. This doesn't apply to everyone only a few, so if you aren't the ones being a dick then don't read this. I understand that Weylin is 1 year in chapter 35, but that note saying he was 3 months was talking about in chapter 34, in the beginning he was only 3 months, some people were saying he was actually 3 1/2 years when he 31/2 months, and when I get a comment saying no he is actually fucking one year quit fucking up the years, that make me pissed and really want to just stop the story. It is not right for some one to be a dick to an author period, I may mess up sometimes but no where near as much as other authors and plus sorry that chapter was rushed I have to much fucking shit going on right now to go back and edit every little fucking mistake. So if I might make a mistake in the future and that fucking bother's you? DELETE THE FUCKING BOOK THEN!

Hate to sound like a bitch but you guys are acting like dicks. I really love my fans/followers and try to update as much as I can but when you guys act that way it makes me just want to delete my account and tell you to go screw yourself then, Please be nicer I love yall!

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