Your back so soon..

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I turned on the lights and I couldn't believe who I saw. Neither could Dylan. Was this even possible? He saw it to so obviously it was.

It was faith curled into a ball with smeared makeup and tears. She came back. How could she escape?

"OMG faith what are you doing here!" Dylan exclaimed

"..they were trying...t-to put me on meds...they told me they are taking my child away...they told me I can't go home....they told me to tell you to move on" she said her voice quivering.

"Did they really?" I asked

She nodded

I hugged her.

"Your safe" I said

"No I'm parents found me and called the cops. They are taking Danny and me away. They think it's not a good living environment for a child" she said

"We can't let them....take her" Dylan said

"But..we could go to jail for this. Keeping a mentally Ill in my house when she has to be at mental asylum" I said

"They told me your coming back in 2 weeks" I said

"They were going to call you and say I'm not allowed to come home. They locked me In the cell" she said

"Woah is t just me or is this really turning out like legion of the black?" Dylan asked

( if you don't know what legion of the black's a bvb movie for wretched and divine album. As you know the album Is a story. To see the video search this link: just type the link into the internet and it will show up on Also the link will be in my bio If u don't watch it you won't understand this part)

Holy shit..woah it really turning out like that.

"Woah Dylan your right. The mental hospital...locked in her cell with no way to get out...she listens to our music. She escapes.... Is this all real? Next thing we know F.E.A.R is going to show up at our doorstep" I said

"I got it!" Dylan said

"What?" I asked

"Faith is that girl. You guys are you guys..the police and her parents are F.E.A.R and bvb army is legion of the black and the wild ones army!" He said

"Dylan..that's not even possible it's a made up thing we did for an album" I said

"No..what if this is all coming true? But with different plot. Different setting and people" faith whispered.

"guys I doubt this is possible..." I said

I called the guys and woke them up. They all came over here.

"Okay this is really creepy!" CC yelled

"F.E.A.R is a made up organization it can be true!" Ashley said

"With different people setting and plot it just might be" I said

"So you think cuz all this happened that our made up music video movie thing is coming true?" Jake asked

"It could be" jinxx said

"Not literally just like all this stuff happened but it's all like our movie. So the cops are fear and we are the leigon of the black trying to defeat fears innocent captives" I said

"That makes more sense" CC said

"Okay so once more. Fear are the cops. Faith is that girl. And we are legion of the black! We need to make sure they don't ruin everything" I said

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