Chapter One

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I walked down my new school's hallway after checking in with the office to get my schedule.

A lot of people stared at me and whispered to their friends, probably talking about me.

I sighed and continued walking to my locker. 61..62.. Ah locker 63.

I opened it up and put the stuff I didn't need right now in it.

So I made sure I had everything I needed for my first few classes and closed my locker.

I turned around and looked around the hallway. People were talking to their friends, scurrying around the people in the hallways, or standing by their lockers on their phones.

What caught my eye was this really tall guy among his group of friends. He had brown hair and those muscles.. Damn.

He didn't get my attention because he was goodlooking, because even if he was I couldn't tell with his head down. It was obviously because of his muscles. Wow I'm pathetic.

Suddenly, he looked up and peered around the hallway until his eyes landed on me. Holy crap. He was gorgeous.

I'm sure my face was turning a little red now. Great.

I quickly looked away and started to walk to my first class, which was unfortunately a few yards past the tall guy and his friends.

I had a pretty good feeling his eyes were still on me as I walked past him and towards room 104.

I get really uncomfortable and embarrass myself when people watch me, so I wasn't surprised when I almost tripped over my own feet.

I regained my balance and played it off cool, hoping nobody saw. But I heard a deep chuckle and turned around to see who it was.

Sure enough, it was that guy. He was smirking at me. God, he was hot.

Oh great, way to make yourself look like a doof.

I picked up my pace and speed walked into the classroom.

Jeesh. Well that was embarrassing.

There were a few people already in the classroom and they were all on their phones.

I sighed and walked to the back corner desk and put my stuff down on the ground and settled in.

Class started in five minutes, so I just sat there with my hand under my chin supporting my head while I stared out the window.

Oh how I wish Cassidy, my best friend, was here with me. Better yet, I wish I was back in Rushford.

I sighed.

All of a sudden, a deep voice brought me back to reality.

"You're sitting in my spot." I looked up only to be faced with that boy looking at me. Of course.

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry, I'll move." I grabbed my bag and was about to get up when a big hand landed on my shoulder pushing me back down in the chair.

"Nah, I'll let you off easy today. I'll just sit in this desk, riiight next to you. That okay, babe?" He looked at me innocently.


"Great. Thanks." He sat down in the seat to my right and had a stupid but very attractive smirk on his face.

Well this is awkward.

"I didn't catch your name. I'm Harry."

Harry. Perfect name for him.

"I'm ." I told him confidently.

"I like that name. It suits you." Harry half smiled.

"Thanks." I smiled and looked away.

This was going to be an interesting year.

Harry's POV

Let me tell you this now, I am a player. That may sound bad to you, but I have my reasons.

When I saw Cassidy, I could tell she was really innocent. Just by the way she acted and carried herself.

And I, Harry Styles, was going to change that.


OMG. I hope you all like the first chapter.. sorry if it was short. More updates to come!

Oh, and yes I used my own name

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