boredoms a bitch

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Hello Peasants,

have you ever sat there just like reading or surfing the web and your like I just wanna get up and do something usefully but your like but it's so comfy here. No just me ok....I'm just so bored I wanna go on a bike ride but the damn river walks flooded cause all of this damn rain...fuck you mother nature!! like I decide I'm going to start excersising and then mother nature is like no bitch your going to be fat and turtle told me she was thinkin of suicide all week and I'm like no turtle I love you and she didn't tell me till like yesterday and I'm like turtle that hurts she  was like kink I didn't want you to worry about it and I was like bitch your my best friend I worry about you all the damn time... turtle was like why and I said cause I can be myself around you like I don't know who I am but I feel real with you and starchild. friends help you be who you are... idk I feel really feel about turtle and starchild like my mamaw died and I still haven't gotten over it I still cry at random times and this was like 2years ago. this is one of those things you don't get over I can't even watch some of my favorite shows anymore cause I watched them with her and really anymore turtle and starchild are my reason for living I wouldn't be able to listen to music at all if they died days  that's something we share....I'm sorry this chapters kinda off topic.... but I better go.....comments are welcomed and if you wanna talk about anything message me or you could even follow me cause that would be awsome by my bells

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