Chapter 8

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Alex's P.O.V.

I jumped out of my car and ran into the supermarket. I scanned the aisles for Harry but couldn't find his familiar figure. I started to walk to the next part of the store but an arm pulled me into one of the aisle and a hand cupped over my mouth. I reached behind me to pull Harry from me but something was off about him.

The gripped on my waist was way too tight and when I looked down at the arm, it wasn't Harry's. I pulled my elbow forward and jammed it into the body behind me. A groan came from behind me and I jammed my foot into their calf, stepping on their foot. Their hands left my body and I moved away from them. I saw the body double over and then I noticed that it was Jake. He was grabbing his leg and his side.

"Wow. Thanks for that," He complained.

"Well I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to grab me like a fucking rapist." I threw my hands in front of me as I explained. Why was Jake even here???

"Why are you here???" He asked first as he stood up. I noticed my footprint on his pants leg and had to bite my cheek to not laugh. "I thought you were going to campus."

"I am. Well I did, already." I wanted to leave because I knew what was coming next.

"So are you coming with us???" He smiled.

"No. I dont think so. I need to go home and make up work." I was just about to leave when Amber walked past and spotted us. Great.

"Hey Alex." She bounced over with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey," I looked back, trying to signal that I had to leave.

"Why are you here???" She asked, tilting her head slightly.

"I had to pick up stu-" I was cut off by someone behind me.

"There you are." It was Harry and he had a basket full of food. I looked at him and then smiled, grateful that he was here but frustrated because I knew more questions would come.

"Who's this???" Amber questioned. Her eyes scanned him and I wanted to smack her eyes away from him but instead I shifted so that I moved closer into him.

"Harry." I stated and then Amber looked to me and smiled.

"Hi Harry." Her voice wasn't as it normally would be and it made me even more angry that she would flirt with him in fornt of my face. Not that we were together or anything but he was with me so she doesn't get to flirt with him.

"Hi," He smiled at Amber and then Jake cleared his throat.

"We have to go." He said and then glared at Amber. She shrugged at him and then looked back at me and Harry.

"We're going to a party," She explained. "Harry you should come if you aren't already planning to, and I expect to see you there Alex." With that she left, and I was glad because the flirting that she just did wasn't exactly keeping me calm.

"Wow, Alex." Harry grinned.

"What???" I asked as we walked towards the check out line.

"You did'nt tell me you had such a hot friend," He pinched my side and then bent down to my ear. "And she was coming onto me too."

"Harry!!!" I hit his arm and he threw his head back in laughter. "Anyways," I exaggerated the statement, "What is this food for???"

"It's for our date." He walked past me and started to load the items on the scanner.

"What date???" I couldn't help but smile at the fact that Harry was planning a date.

"The date that I thought we should have because its something people do when they are attracted to another person." He didn't look up at me and didn't even take a breath between the whole statement.

"Well what if I'm not attracted to you," I questioned. He turned to me and then smirked.

"Well, I would force you to have dinner with me." He kept a straight face but then broke out into a laugh.

"You sure are the charmer." I laughed and then turned to him. "Have you ever had a real date before???"

"No. Not really," He grabbed the bags and walked to the door. "As much as I would love to talk about my past dating life, we need to get to my house to start cooking."


"What are you hungry for???" Harry asked with his back towards me as he open up the cabinets and fridge.

"I really want pancakes and eggs." I pointed to the cabinet that had the pancake mix in it an dangled my feet off the edge of the counter.

"Its way too late for breakfast."

"Okay, whatever." I scanned the kitchen again. "I want spaghetti and a cake."

"All of that!?!?" He asked as if it was too much and when I nodded he turned and muttered something along the lines of "So needy".He sat the ingredients on the counter and then looked at me.

"Let's start." He grinned.


"Wait, so you've never had a date before???" I asked. The spaghetti and the cake was good and we sat on the couch eating it.

"No. Have you???" He questioned.


"Well actually, I have."

"When???" I raised my eyebrow and stared at him.


"This, as lovely as it is, doesn't qualify for a date." I said.

"Then what does??? You said you haven't been on one so you dont know what a normal date is."

"Yeah but normal dates have flowers and..." I wasn't even sure. "Just, its formal, I guess." Harry stared at me and after a few moments, his lips turned up and he shook his head. "What's so funny??"

"You are talking about normal dates and I would have never guessed that it was even something that took up any of your thoughts." He explained and I knew exactly what he meant because that's the impression I gave off.

"I do think of normal things you know," I laughed at how that actually sounds. A girl who cuts school and parties non-stop thinks about anything normal.

"Parties are normal. No school is normal. Right???" I couldn't tell if he was being completely sarcastic or not.

"They are, I guess." I pulled my hair over my shoulder and twirled it in my fingers.

"They're not." He muttered and picked up all of the trash. I watched as he walked out the kitchen and I knew that he must feel the same way deep down. He wanted to be normal, even slightly normal, like me. I wanted to be normal but there was never anyone or thing standing beside me to give me that extra push, but if Harry could be that push then it was worth a shot at getting him to help me.

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