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  The first day I met Dany was the 4th of October in my year 9 gym assembly.

The drum line had been playing and I took a seat with my friend Avis. Avis was beautiful, some liked to say we looked like twins, but we couldn't have, Avis was too gorgeous with sleek straight spice berry colored hair, usually half pulled back, she had the brightest blue eyes and the nicest lips.

That day when I sat down and looked to my right to get my sketch book I noticed Dany looking in my direction. I paid no attention to him thinking his eyes were fixed on Avis.

Though, it was I he approached. I was still at the gym when everyone had left and Avis had gone to fetch her bag from her locker.

"Not much for music are you?" I jerked from my position startled and dropped my pencil in between the cracks of the levels of seating.

I looked down and sighed but when I looked up and saw Dany I'd forgotten of the pencil.

I was mesmerized from his sight, he was too gorgeous

"uh- I-I, no, no I'm not"

"Shame, our drum line is good"

"Yeah, they are, I just don't really enjoy them"

"So what do you enjoy?"

I lifted up my sketch book "drawing"

He walked over leaning on the rail of the bleacher. He was so close I could smell his scent, it was faint but manly, some scent of cologne I didn't know or recognize

"I see" I turned around to grab my bag to leave but the instant I turned around his face was buried in my book "hey!" I reached for it and grabbed it out of his hands"

"They're good. Really good"

At this point I was furious "Look if you're looking for my friend she's at her locker, it's 2029 so you can leave me now"

"Avis right?" "Yeah that's her name"

"huh, well, I'm not here for her" I narrowed my eyes "than why are you here" he bent down and leaned in closer to me checking my face, analyzing it, he was so close close enough that if I had leaned an inch closer our lips would be sealed together. He stood up and shrugged "good question"

"ugh" I stood up and started to walk away

"nice chat"

I was about to walk out when I remembered my pencil and walked to the other side of the bleacher, walking underneath the seats.

"where are you?" "who me?" I jumped and turned around

There was Dany holding my pencil I lunged for it and the pulled his hand back

"Once, shame on me, twice, that's something I can't allow"

"What do you want?" He looked at the pencil and twirled it in his hands then pointed the pencil directly at me "you" he snickered

"why?" "you fascinate me" I rolled my eyes "give me my pencil back" "or what?" I walked forward and he pinned me against the stands that held the bleacher up

He leaned forward and his lips paced over my cheek across to my ear whispering he said "this isn't going to be the last of me"

"Kyle? Kyle where are you" - It was Avis

I grabbed my pencil still pinned

He backed away "I'll be seeing you again, he handed me a piece of paper and when I didn't take it he placed it in my blazer pocket and walked away

"I'm right here, I just dropped my pencil!"

As she walked towards and behind the bleachers Dany left.

After that day I went home and took the piece of paper - it was his number

I texted him to leave me alone because I wasn't interested but he didn't leave me alone.

After that I accepted it and I started to sneak out with him, see him after school, go to another city for the weekend.

But he decided sometimes that be would ignore me. Sometimes it would be weeks or months without saying a word to me. This went on for two years and one day I was tired of it and returned all his gifts and told him not to call or text. Of course he did, he did so for a week or two and then it stopped

but once I started dating someone else he would catch me alone and tell me he wasn't good enough, that he was the only one I wanted.

Until the trip, I hadn't talked to him since.

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