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Carlos Point Of View
"Aye mama" I said as I came back from my homie house. "Hey baby come in and eat breakfast!"my mama said. "Yes ma'am what did you make?" I said because a nigga hungry.
"I'm making bacon,eggs,biscuits,pancakes and waffles."she said still cooking. "yes ma'am where is Nyla?" I said looking around for my sister."i guess I had a funny expression on my face because she laughed and said that she stayed he night with her friend Amy."Ohkey well you know I got I protect y'all and my safety!"i said bein half way serious and laughing. well boy today I'm bout to protect your butt from becoming anorexic ha ha ha boy just eat!"
I wasn't going to argue with her and shoo this food was on point.

Alexandra's Point Of View
"Daaaaddddddyyyyy" I yelled from my room.
"What you need baby girl?" he said coming up the steps" can I go out to the mall withy Bestfriend Raini." sure and make sure you drive the convertable86 because your other car is in the shop." he said going down the steps. I ran down the steps because I know he about to cook breakfast. and sure enough he was cooking. "daddy what you cooking" I said in my little girl voice. "I'm making grits bacon and toast." it's not much because I have to go take care of some business."
"Ohkey daddy. I might not be back till like 6 or 8 o'clock. " I said. "alright I'll be back eat baby you just sitting there staring at it." he said as he was walkin out the door. after I was finished eating I went upstairs to find something to wear but first I texted Raini on my iPhone 5c and told her I'll come and get her in 30 minutes.

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Alexandra Point Of View

I got ready to go with Raini to the mall today and she said she was going to come early so we could talk. So I got dressed in a cream colored shirt with a cross on it and some black skinny jeans .Some pink shoes and some brown tinted sunglasses and I painted my nails pink and then I let my hair down and put a black Kufi on my head . So I walked and looked in the mirror and I ain't trying to sound stuck up but a bitch is looking good now I'm just waiting for Raini to come so I can see what she looking like."hey bishhhh bring your raggedy ass down here and give your sissy a hug!"i hear Raini yell . Girl I love her to death she been there for me since pre-k and even when I was struggling with my ex


"Bitch bring your ass down here and cook me some damn breakfast with your stabling hoe ass!" My ex Jamal said

"Yes,daddy" I was so ready to leave him but he would kill me if I did.
He was never like that until his older brother got locked up and his mama died.

"Babe...Babe....Babee you know I love you it's just I'm going through a hard time."he would say Everytime I would cry and he would hurt my feelings

"I know I know I love you to that's why I'm still here and that explains how much I love you because I'm a ROD CHICK because any other how would have just left you in the dust." I said realizing why I love him!

"Awe babe come here and give daddy some suga!" Jamal said

"Jamal I don't feel like it I'm going to Raini supposed I come and get me in like five minutes so go and eat your food that I cooked for you." I said walking up the steps

But then I felt my hair being pulled back down the steps.

"Bitch you know what I just wanted a kiss bring your ass down here now!!!"


He took out his dxck and forcefully quickly and pounding me hard inside my clxt. "OW JAMAL " I screamed he was really hurting me!

Then next thing I know Raini got her 9mm and shot Jamal 5 times so then she told me to call 911 right now I ran down stairs and called them then they said they were on there way and ever since then me and Raini rarely trust any nigga and been my A1 since Day1
But I heard that he didn't die Raini just shot him in his shoulder and back.

"Hey girl are you ready to go" I said

"Heck yeah girl I need some new clothes for my closet." Raini said because she a trip.

"Alright let's go " I walked out the door locked it and jumped in my gray convertible 86.

And so as we walked into the mall as we went in there was a whole bunch of thirsty ass niggaz staring and hoes giving them ugly ass glares that make them look even uglier.

Me and Raini walked inside of hibbetts and decided we both wanted to by matching bred 11's as we went to the counter i seen these niggaz and his squad and this brother was fine I know him his name was Carlos he was the biggest drug lord of all time. but all he do is. Fuck and duck hoes and I ain't that so I don't see us in the future.then he looked and stated at me we had eye contact so I looked down and started blushing so then he came my way and his squad was mumbling shit.

Carlos Point Of View.
Me and my squad decided that we wanted to. Go into hibbets and go get the new KD'S but then I seen this fine ass girl and I got to say she was fiiinnneee. I seen ma blushing so I decided to go to her and let her know wassup . "hey ma.." I said to her. "hi..." she sad looking at me still trying to hide her blushing." "aye. if you hook up with him hook me up with one of his niggaz " her friend said I smirked and said " iight ma I'll see which one likes you." I said to her. then she left and went into the food court and. Left me and her alone.
Then I said...



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Alexandra point of view

Raini just left me with this dude alone I'm going to kill her !!😡

"Well i got to go" I said walking out the door.
as I was walking out the door I felt a strong grip on my arm pulling me back I knew it was Carlos so I said " what?
"Can I get your number."carlos.
"Yeah, give me your phone.....alright here ya go."i said walking out leaving to the food court. (I was Finna tell Raini what happened then I was going to kill her for leaving me in there 🔪🔫.

It's a short update but I promise to make a SUPERR LONG UPDATE

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