Good Morning

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"Good Morning love." Treasure expressed happily while laying on her chest.
"Good Morning baby." Jessie responded while stretching.
Treasure smiles. "Last night was amazing." She started to climb on top of her.
"Really." Jessie said sarcastically.
"Yes really." She responded while kissing her. "Baby talk the other way." Jessie joked.
"Why?" Treasure asked.
"Because your breath stank." She responded while chuckling.
"Shut Up." Treasure whined with an attitude.
"Well....Ima go check on the kids." She said while getting up.
"Alright. I'm in the shower if you need me." Jessie said while getting up.
"Okay." Treasure responded while walking out of the room.
She walks into Calvin's room. 'He still sleep?' She thought to herself.
She walks out And closes the door behind her. She walks to Mariah's room. "Hey baby. You up?" Treasure asked softly.
"Yeah." Mariah responded.
"How'd you sleep?" She asked while sitting on Mariah's bed.
"I didn't sleep. I couldn't." Mariah explained. "Why not baby?" Treasure responded while looking at Mariah's hair.
"Mom. You moan loud." Mariah stated. Treasure sighs. "Oh My....You heard that?" She questioned.
"Yes." Mariah responded.
"I'm sorry." Treasure apologized while hugging her.
"Well. Calvin needs a hair cut. I need My hair done and so do you." Treasure pointed out the obvious.
"Okay." Mariah responded.
"Get ready." Treasure demanded while walking toward Calvin's room.
"Damn. Can't close the door?" Mariah whispered to herself while closing the door. "Calvin baby get up." Treasure said while picking him up.
He begins to cry. "Nope. Cut that out. You're to old for that. Wake up." She demanded.
He stops and hugs onto her tight. She gets up And walks over to his closet. He falls asleep on her shoulder.
"Why are you so tired baby?" Treasure asked him. She gets no response.
"Hey baby ima get going in a few." Jessie said while turning the corner.
"Okay, Baby come here. Hold him." Treasure demanded.
"Alright." Jessie takes him.
"I'll be back. I gotta take a shower." Treasure stated while giving her a quick Peck. "And baby try to wake him up." She demanded while walking toward Mariah's room.
"You get in the shower?" Treasure asked while bussing into Mariah's bedroom door.
"Not yet. I'm setting out My clothes." Mariah responded.
"Okay. Hurry. We running out of time." Treasure stated while closing her door.
"Thank You!!!" Mariah said while setting out the rest of her clothes.
"Baby feed him before you go so I can give him a bath." Treasure demanded.
Jessie looks at her. "What?" Treasure asked. "Why you wait until the last minute?" Jessie asked.
".....Go feed him." Treasure said while walking toward her bathroom.
"Let's go little man." Jessie said while walking downstairs with him.

*Half hour later*

Treasure runs downstairs. "Is he ready?" She asked her hurrying.
"Yeah I gave him a bath and everything." Jessie says while walking to the door.
"Okay baby thank you." She responded while giving her a kiss.
"Alright. I have to get going baby." Jessie said while walking outside.
"Mariah lets go." She yelled upstairs while grabbing her keys and picking up Calvin.
Jessie comes back in. "She's in the car baby." She reported to her.
"Okay." Treasure said while walking out of the door.
"Get in your seat baby." Treasure said while strapping him in. She gets in the car and pulls off.

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