Chapter Thriteen

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It was New Years Eve. Is it me or there are too many holidays with Eve at the end? But yeah, I’m getting ready while Julian’s on the bed with only his boxers. I’m standing in front of the mirror that’s in his room. He’s still sick so he probably won’t make it ‘till midnight, but I know he’ll try. And the noise his family makes will probably help him. He stands behind me now. Just as I finish putting lip gloss, he’s tugging me towards the bed. He sits down on the bed so we’re at the same height. He pulls me down so our lips touch.

“You’re gonna get me sick.” I say against his lips

“I’m not that sick.” He breathes

He continues to kiss me until someone barges in the room. “Dude everyone’s almost-”

Unfortunately, it was Kale. I’m pretty sure he was going to tell everyone about this since Julian over here has nothing but some boxers. I think he thinks we were about to-

“Damn guys take it slow. We don’t need any babies in this house.” He said seriously but you could hear the amusement he had. He went out of the room shortly after.

Right when Kale left, Julian erupted in laughter. I stood there embarrassed. I’m pretty sure my cheeks were pink along with the rest of my body. Was he really laughing, out of all times, now?

He finally stopped and glanced over to me. The smile he had on immediately vanishes. He walks over to where I was standing and studies me. I try to show no emotion and just ignore him. He notices.

“Hey.” He says as if all of this was some sort of joke. I put my hands over my eyes so I won’t be able to see him. “Hey.” He removes my hands from my eyes and holds them both in his. “Talk to me.” He says I can hear the pain in his voice. I yank my hands away from his and walk over to the window. I look out and all I see is snow. The little flurries that are all different from each there but they have the same purpose, to make the world a winter wonderland.

Julian’s arms wrap around my waist from behind, almost startling me. He holds me as close as he came to him that I can feel his abs against my back. “I’m sorry, for laughing.” He says against my neck. I stay still and try to keep a straight “I am.” He says moving my hair of my shoulders, then placing his chin where my hair was. “I’m sorry.” I now he is just by the tone he’s using. I place my hand on his arm to show I’m giving in a little. “Do you think you could ever forgive me?” I nod my head and turn to face him. He let’s go of me while I tell him I forgive him. And I do. He’s very persuasive; he can make me do anything if he wanted to.

He holds me against his bare chest. I wrap my arms around his back. He’s so much taller than I am. He’s like a 6’4 while I’m short being a 5’9 at least compare to him I was short. My mom was short and I got mostly everything from her. I’m a complete replica of her, that’s why my dad hates me so much.

“I’m sorry.” He says while his mouth moves on my forehead as he talks. “I know I forgive you.” And plant a kiss on his temple while on my tippy toes. He lets me go as I bend over to get my shoes from the floor. He come ups from behind me while I’m still trying to grab my shoes. When I’m up I can feel his breathes on my neck. His hands find my waist. “You look amazing.” He whispers. I pull away from him and face him.

“And you will too, so go get dressed.” I tell him. He lets out a sigh and comes close to me again. I elbow his stomach and he winces. He rubs the spot where my elbow came in contact with his skin. “That hurt.” He says like a child. I laugh and go into his closet and pick out a blue and green plaid shirt along with his favorite jeans and throw them at him.

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