forever, i promise (BajanCanadian FanFic)

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Hi!! My name is Julia. Let me give you some info bout me. Well im 18(b-day today) years old. I love to play minecraft. My brother is the one and only Jerome. We are twins but I don't have the same nose.My best friends are Adam(Sky), Mitch(BajanCanadian),  Jason(MinrcraftUniverse) and Jerome(AsfJerome) of course. But there is one problem, I have a crush on Mitch. And my brother can't find out.

Julia's POV


"What Jerome?"

"It's your birthday Julia!" said Jerome

"Oh yeah. Umm. Can you make me pancakes while i get dressed?!"

"Do I have to?!"

"Yes Jerome now go I need to get dressed."

I get out of bed and go to my walk in closet and pick out my penguin shirt, blue skinny jeans ,and black vans.

Jerome's POV

So while I made pancakes I thought that Julia should have a party I mean she is 18 now. The pancakes finished and I called Mitch.



j- hey Mitch my sisters birthday is today, wanna help me suprise her?

m- sure dood I'll be over in 1 hour?

j- okay see ya den biggums.

call over

Then i called Adam and Jason. They are coming too. Julia will love this.

Julia's POV

"Julia come on lets go to the mall so you can buy stuff and i can get you another birthday present!!" Jerome yelled as i was putting on my eyeliner and mascara. "K bro. I'll be down in a bit " As I walk down stairs I over here Jerome talking to him self. Some thing about our parents and what happened on my 12th Birthday.


It  was my  12th birthday and my dad comes home drunk. I see my mom laying on the ground in a pool of blood. Me and Jerome rush to her side. She said "look my babies, I love you so much and I need you to run up to my room grab the $1000 dollars in my drawer and climb out the window and run as fast as you can away from here. Don't go to the neighbors, just run. Don't look back j-j-ju-jus-just g-g-go..." And that was the last thing she said. I was in tears as we run up grab the money and run. We run for what seems hours and we finally end up at Mitch's house. His mom called the police.

Flashback over**

"Jerome, you're talking to  yourself again." I said. "What? Um Uh."  Jerome stated. "Its okay I do it to." Now we are in the car heading to the mall. 

*time skip cause I can :)****

Jerome's POV

I sent Julia off so she can get stuff because she went to Victoria Secret. And I am NOT going in there. So I go to the bathroom and call Mitch and he said that he was hiding in the house along with Adam and Jason and more youtubers. (Mitch has a spare key)

Julia's POV

As I walk out of Victoria Secret I quickly run into Spencers. I buy so many snapbacks.  I walk out and call Jerome.

**time skip to we get back le house**

Julia's POV

The house is dark, wierd. As I walk in the house the lights turn on as people scream 'SUPRISE!!!' I turn around to see Jerome with a big smile on his face. "Thanks so much Jerome, I love you."


hey guys. this is my first book how do u like it so far?!?! thanks for reading doods<3 if u want to be in the book comment your


age:(in book)


type of clothes you wear:

boyfriend: Adam, Jerome, or Jason

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