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Danielle's (POV)

I woke up from my really comfy queen bed and went to the bathroom to do my business. After that, I got dressed; pink tank top, white shorts, and some cute brown sandals. I then walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Sebastian was already making eggs.



-Did you sleep well?

-Too well, actually.

I started to giggle and he let out a smirk.

-I'm guessing that's good.

-Yeah, oh and I talked to Jeremy yesterday. He gave me a lead as to where David could be.

-Where exactly?

-Some flower shop in Barcelona.

-One question, you got here yesterday and you're already searching for this 'David'?


-At least take a break for one day, I mean you're a pretty girl, go to a club or something!

I started to get mad at him. He doesn't know anything and never will!

-First of all, this is not a vacation for me and second, you don't know anything about me!

-Fine, I won't help you!


I just wanted to punch him, but he's not even worth it!

Sebastian's (POV)

We were acting like an old married couple. I honestly found it adorable how she tried to get mad. Now I know when she's mad ahe flares up her nose. I coulden't let her go alone, there are many people who would rob, kidnap her, or worse! She slammed the door and left, I on the other hand left the house a few minutes later. I had to follow her!

She wasn't very far, maybe she got lost. In about twenty minutes she got out of the car. Like all places there are good areas and bad, this is a bad one. She walked in an alley, is she that retarded? I had to get out of the car just in case something happened...

-Are you Danielle Anderson?

A big buff guy asked her. He didn't look like he selled flowers at all.

-Yeah, what do you want?

He put a wipe in her face and she was knocked out, it must have been chloroform. I did the brvest thing I would have never done and ran towards the guy. I had an advantage and punched him in the face. He didn't so much as flinch!

-Are you Batman or something?


'Shit', he was running towards me. He punched in the jaw and repeatecly in the stomach, I fell after that. I couldn't let him take her away. I got up as he walked towards her and I kicked him in the on place it hurts every man. I had to be quick, so I took the wipe and put it in his face. He was knocked out after a couple of seconds.

Danielle's (POV)

I woke up in Sebastian's couch. How did this happen? Did he kidnap me? Wait, that's just crazy he would never do that.

-Good, you're awake.

I looked up and saw a very bruised Sebastian.

-What happened?

-I followed you and sved you from your kidnapper.


-You're welcome.

He put an ice pack in his face. He saved me, I couldn't repay him for that!



-It's cold!

-Here, let me help you.

I got up and took a sheet of paper towel, then wrapped it around the ice pack.


-Much, thanks.

-I should be the one thanking you, I'm so lucky you saved me.

-No worries, it was easy as pie.

I could see in his face that he was lying.

-Are you okay? I mean, you look pretty bad.

-It's fine, I'm more worried about you anyways.

I blushed and he noticed. He could be so sweet sometimes!

-Who would do this?!

I touched his face while I talked. That guy got him good!

-Have no idea...

Hope you liked it!!! Could this be the start of Sanielle or Danid? Find out later...



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