I woke up in my bed back in the boys room with Nicholas,Luke and Sam all round me,"Abi your awake"said Sam

"yeah why?"

"you black out cant you remember?"asked Sam

"kind off was it when i ran at Abi to slap the shit out of her" i said to Sam laughing a bit

"yeah that was it when Luke let you go and then you ran at her" Sam said to me sounding a bit angry

"yeah then you ran at her slap her across the face then she punch striaght in the face then black out" said Luke

"ohh bloody fucking bitch she is i would go and punch her now but one i can not be bother and two i got to meet Chan"

"so bye i gonna meet Chan" i said i and left.


I was walking down the street to meet Chan in little cafe when i felt someone come running up be hide me and grabbing me by my waist and lifting me of my feet as they put me down they turn me round. And the was that boy with the shaggy hair who is my best friend and i love Luke "you scared me you piss head"

"i know i did but you love me really" said Luke laughing

"yes i do" i said blushing because i was telling the truth.

Luke's pov:

Come on Luke lets just ask Abi out she just told you she loves you and she was blushing so she could be telling the truth


"yeah Luke?"

"will you be my girlfriend" i asked her

"yeah i thought you would never ask" Abi said as she kissed me.

Abi's pov:

God i though Luke would never ask Sam and Abi are gonna be so mad with us

"come on the you piss head you better come with me to meet Chan"

"ok the babes let go" so of we went again to go and meet Chan god i am so late now i interwied my hand with Lukes as we walked along to meet Chan.

Chan's pov:

I seen Abi come and walk through the door of the cafe she was there with a boy to who i think is Luke friend but we will wait and see

"Hey chan" Abi said as she let go of the boys hand and ran over to give me a hug which i am not a huge fan of hugs

"hey Abi how are you and who is this?" i asked her

"i am fine this is Luke friend my boyfriend he lives and the house with us"

"cool hey Luke look after her or else" i said to him

"i will dont worry"


Back to Abi's pov:

We walk back into the house with Chan and all her bags and i had Luke behide me cuddling me,and there stood Sam,Abi,Taerma and Nicholas "hey guys" i said

"hey girl guessing thats Chan and you are with Luke now" Taerma asked

"yep and yep" i said

"aww girl i am so happy for you are so cute together" she said

"aww thank you"

"i dont think it is cute" Abi muttered under her breath

"you do know i can hear you if you have something to say it to my face" i shouted at her,as i said that she walked away

"well i can tell she your enemy" Chan said

"yeah don't even get me started on that bitch she is just jel because i am with him not her"

"well she sounds lovely can i see my room now please"

"yeah no problem".

"Come on then Chan" i said to her mind you i still got Luke locked to me "can you please leave me while i show Chan her room and have girly chat" i asked Luke

"ok then babes love you"

"love you too piss head"

"aww you to are so cute you can tell he loves you Abi you are so lucky" said Chan

"aww ta hun don't worry i will fix you up with someone"

"make sure he is a rugby player"

"may not be able to get that but got someone in mind" i said.

Hey guys long update hope you liked it... x Abi x

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