The next morning I decided to go make a friend. If Kim Kardashian can make friends, surely I can make some.

Pillaster Prep is actually a really good school. The teachers are amazing, and the extra-virruculars are the best in the country. The only thing that bothers me about this school is none other then the students.

Everybody has a group or a clique. There are you slutty cheerleaders, stupid jocks, and ypur really smart socially awkward nerds. Basucally everything you would see in a Molly Ringwald movie.

I walked out of my room to go hunting for a possible friend, and saw everyone with their precpective friends. Except one girl. She was all alone juat standing there next to the basketball courts. I walked up to her hoping to strike up a conversation.

"Hello, my name is Patricia. You can call me Pat if you want."

"How about I call you nothing, and you never talk to me again." She said

My first instinct was to reach out and slap this girl across the face, but I've seen enough movies and read enough books to know that that was not an apporiate response.

"That was really rude, wasn't it?" I asked

"And you're really annoying aren't you?" She sneered.

Ok, I was done with this girl. I'll go find some other socially desperate person to talk to.

"Wait." She said grabbing my arm. "My name is Abrielle."

"What a strange name." I mused, and immediatly put my hand over my mouth. She might think that I'm rude.

"Well, I was named by strange people." She said smirking.

This girl was extremly strange. I begin to wonder if I made a mistake choosing her.

"There's something I have to tell you." I said

"We just met and you already want to share secrets?" She saud using that smirk I had already learned to loathe.

"It's really important." I said "We can go talk in my room."

She made a sweeping motion with her arm, indicating that I should lead the way.

While we were waking back to my dorm I made sure that I was always two paces ahead of her, so that she wouldn't see my face. I make weird facial expressions when I think.

When we arrived at our destination I opened the door to my room. Abrielle peered in and her eyes widened. There wasn't really anything special about my room. My parents just really like buying me really expensive, really unnessecary stuff.

I led her over to the antique love seat, and began my story. At the beginning of the story her face was lit up with a smile, but by the end her eyes had clouded over and her smile had fallen.

After my story was complete I shuffled over to my bed and sunk into the soft blanket. I had just chased away the only friend I've ever had. Tears had started to flow from my eyes when Abrielle suddenly jumped up and yelled, "I knew it!"

"What?" I asked. I didn't know how to play this game

"I knew there was something freaky going on at this school."

"You do realize that were going to have to do something about it, right."

"Sure. It'll give be something to do." She said smiling.

I sighed and realized that I had chosen the worst possible person to choose as a friend. Well, its too late now.

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