Chapter 11

Who's his dad? What?

I looked at Damon as if for explanation and he just shrugged.

I walked over to Eli and soothingly rubbed his back.

After he was done vomiting, he muttered some incomprehensible words and passed out.


I tried to shake him awake but he was out cold.

I don't know where he lives!


After visiting Ryker, (he's fine) Damon picked up Eli and we took him over to mine.

Dante was still up and in the kitchen only in his boxers.

''Aww little sis made a new friend aside from the usual posse(!)'' he said ruffling my hair.

I glared at him and said ''Piss off asshole, he passed out and I don't know his address.''

''Fine with me, it's mum you have to worry about.''

I checked the time and it said 1am. ''Is mum home?'' I asked.



Damon took Eli upstairs and set him down on my bed.

I guess I'm taking the floor tonight.

''Are you sure you'll be alright dealing with him tomorrow?'' Damon asked, a look of worry in his piercing eyes.

''I'll be fine, bye Damon,'' I waved him off and smirked ''what? Do you want a kiss goodnight?'' I asked when he was still rooted in the same spot as before.

''Yes'' he innocently said, clasping his hands in front of himself pouting slightly.


''You offered though!'' And before I could reply he quickly pecked my lips leaving no time to react. ''Night'' he winked and walked away.

I narrowed my eyes even though he couldn't see me glaring daggers into his back.

Moments later I shrugged off what just happened and went to the bathroom.

After showering, brushing my teeth, changing and leaving 2 aspirins and a cup of water for Eli for in the morning, I grabbed a blanket and some pillows.

I made myself as comfy as you can get on the floor and went to sleep.

Not soon after, I drifted of into a deep yet peaceful slumber.

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