Chapter 9

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There's a place worse than the nether. And a creature stronger than all the mobs combined. I was scared as the nether. I wanted to see both of those, but after last night I was done with that stuff.

I left my house to search for more food, until I found a village. I walked to the blacksmith's house to steal the stuff in his chest. I found 25 emeralds, a fishing rod, and a stack of arrows. Woah.

I left the village and went to a lake to go fishing. I brought wood and made another crafting table and a boat. I went in the water and threw the bait out without the line. I watched a fish take it and I yanked the line back, falling into the water. Somehow, my boat sunk and I went in the water searching for it.

There was a lot underwater. There was sand all the way at the bottom. There were a ton of fish too. I tried to grab a few but they wouldn't budge so I just left them. I saw my boat and I grabbed it and grabbed a fish. I started swimming to the surface until I starting spazzing out. I started losing hearts and I was swallowing water. I continued swimming to the top.

Just keep swimming, I kept thinking.

I got to the surface, with three hearts left. And guess what was right next to me in the water. That's right, a skeleton. I started treading water to prevent from getting killed. It started shooting at me, but it missed and I got some free arrows that I would need. I kept treading until I got to land I ran to my house from there.

I am never going fishing again.

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