Chapter 8

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I walked back over to Redstone Academy. The campus looked the same as it did when I last visited it. I walked to the nether portal and took a deep breath.

"Don't do this," I kept thinking. "You'll get yourself killed."

I denied my thought and walked through the portal.


When I got to the nether, I saw a lot of fire and red grass. There were buildings and a lot of......what are they called.......ghasts. They were doing exactly what the book said they do, shoot fire balls.

I looked for the blazes, but I couldn't spot anything like how the book described it. A few Zombie Pigmen were chasing me so I killed them using my diamond sword. I took their butter swords and kept them in my inventory. I decided to use those and save my diamond sword. I continued looking for the blaze but there weren't any near. I continued looking and there still weren't any.

When I walked back to the portal, I looked around one more time. And then I saw a ghast, 3 Zombie Pigmen, and 5 blazes all crowded around me. I ran for my life. But I wouldn't be alive anymore. Well, I can respawn. But I'll lose all my stuff. I stopped and the ghast spit a fire ball at me. It hit me and I lost half of my hearts. I continued running until I saw the entrance to one of those buildings. Once I got inside, I blocked off the entrance so that they couldn't get in. I sat down, thinking about my bad choice of coming to this world. And then I heard a weird sound. I looked around the corner and I saw another blaze. It started throwing fire at me, but I dodged it. I attacked it with the butter sword a few times, but it wouldn't die. I stopped, and it started hitting me a lot of times until I had half a heart. I started constantly hitting it and some stuff spread on my face. I got it off and stuck that in my inventory. I opened up the entrance and saw all of the Nether mobs right at the door. With half a heart, I sprinted passed them and to the portal. I got closer and closer, until the ghast spit a fireball in front of me. It shot me straight into the sky, and into the portal.


When I got back to the normal world, it was night time. All the mobs were out and I had to get food, FAST!!!!!🍔🍟🍕🍗🍖

I was starving and I still had one heart left. I snuck to my house and looked for a way to get some food. The safest way was to kill animals, but it was night. I couldn't go to sleep starving, or I would surely die.

I snuck out again and killed 2 pigs and 5 cows. I got leather, but I didn't know what I could do with it. And then I thought if this funny idea. I found a Zombie and threw the leather at it. It saw me and started coming my way. But I knew it was slow. So I just started taunted it and made fun of it. I started running around it to make it dizzy. I kept doing that until a creeper saw me. Once I saw it coming, I sprinted the other way and went to the safety of my home. Once I cooked the food, I had the best dinner I had ever had in my life.

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