Jasmine's POV

"Are you Mz, Jason's cousin?" I ask. She was my age and my height. "Yes, hi." she says. "Now go on you two." Jason says. "I see you don't want me here." I say as I pout. "I love you too Jason." I say. "By Jason." Mz and I say.

Jason's POV

With Jasmine gone we can start on her birthday. Since she didn't have a Quinceañera, a sweet 15 basically. We we are going to make her have her special moment, even though she is 21.

Mz's POV

Jason told me to get Jasmine a beautiful dress and to make her look pretty, even though she already is. "Ok let's go dress shopping!" I say. "Sure thing!" She says. "Then we can get our hair done and our nails too!" I say

-•_•_•_•_•Time skip•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•

Jasmine's POV

I look like a princess! Ahh! I walk into a fancy place with Mz, and she looks beautiful also! I walk in and see...


SOWWY FOR THE CLIFFHANGER! But I love all of you!

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