7. R U Mine

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Flo's P.O.V

His face was like a melody, it wouldn't leave my head; his charming smile, charismatic ways, and glistening dark brown eyes meant that concentrating on anything else was becoming a challenge and I was living with a permanent state of butterflies in my stomach.

I wasn't quite sure what we "were"... Like, were we dating? Was I dating Alex Turner? I didn't really know... But He'd taken me to his favourite places and I'd shown him some secret spots where I liked to just sit and think. He introduced me to the band and his friends and I had him round my place for dinner... Just like a couple would do... I loved it.


Today, I was going to one of their gigs. I was rather looking forward to it, watching from the sides backstage, meeting the crew, and - of course - being with Al.

" You ready?" Alex popped his head round my bedroom door. He slept at mine last night, it was almost a regular thing now. Sleeping next to Alex was something I looked forward to everyday. It made me feel safe, and cared for. Being the gentleman he is, I felt cared for whenever I was with him... Just opening doors for me, or walking on the side of the pavement that was adjacent to the road - just so I was safe... All the little things were what made me love him even more...

Alex's P.O.V

Flo was coming to watch a little gig we were playing in putney. I was nervous, to say the very least. Usually I would go onto a set full of adrenaline - not at all scared.. But knowing that Flo would be watching made my body crawl with anxiousness. I didn't want her to think we were shit, her approval meant a lot to. I'd fallen in love with her like ketchup falls out of a bottle; slowly and then all at once. Never would I have guessed that a one night fling would have resulted in such a happy coincidence.

When Flo was ready, we jumped into the taxi waiting outside and headed off for the venue.


Flo's P.O.V

We got to the venue and I followed Alex as he stumbled inside, struggling to carry all his stuff.

"Do you want a hand?"

"Oh no, I can carry it, thankyou" he said with such certainty although he was clearly having a hard time with it all. His biceps were tensed and they stretched his tight leather jacket, a pleasing sight - it had to be said. We climbed several flights of stairs and ambled down a few winding corridors before we reached the rehearsal room. The rest of the band were already set up and they tutted as Alex came in late.

"Alright there Al?" Matt asked rhetorically, mocking him as he stumbled in late - as per usual.

"Yep!" Alex released his words with a loud exhale as he dumped his stuff on the floor and relieved his tired,aching body. I giggled under my breath as I watched the band and crew taking the mick out of him. The crew helped Alex set up his mic and amps so the band could get ready to rehearse. I plonked myself on the sofa and watched contently at my surroundings.


The gig was about to start and my heart raced with excitement. I couldn't stand still, I was so buzzed. The band were doing their pre-gig rituals which consisted mainly of a few drinking games and silly dances. I could hear the crowd becoming more and more impatient and the time slowly passed before arctic monkeys were due to go on. I imagined how they must be feeling as I recalled the many concerts I had attended.. Your heart beats faster and adrenaline pumps through your veins at alarming rates, the excitement becomes uncontrollable and you scream in the thrill of it. You jump up and down and wail you arms around, but it doesn't matter how you look, because everyone else is doing the same, and everyone else feels the same. "I think I suffer from post-gig depression" I wondered to myself.

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