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I woke up to Joey's beautiful voice. Collar Full was playing indicating that it was six in the morning and that I needed to get up. "Joey." I groaned. I hit snooze and snuggled back up to Joey. "C'mon Lauren. You can sleep in the car." He told me. "But you see the thing is, is that I will be fully awake and it's hard to go to sleep after your fully awake so..." I said my voice muffled because my face was buried in his chest. "Did I ever tell you how good your original smell is?" I asked lifting my head out of his chest. "No." He chuckled. "Well it's good." I reassured him.

We got ready and then went to meet Shane and Lisa downstairs for breakfast. We didn't see them anywhere so we just sat and waited. About five minuets later we see Shane and Lisa come down. Lisa was flushed. She didn't even look human. When they sat down that's when you could actually see Shane and Lisa.

Lisa had bags under her eyes that not even makeup could fix. Her lips were chapped and pale. I swear she died and she was a ghost. Shane on the other hand was not pale but had huge bags under his eyes and was desperate for sleep. He didn't bother to shave this morning or do his hair so he was wearing a beanie.

"Wow you guys look like shit. What happened?" I asked. "Well Lisa puked all last night so I slept in the bathtub and she slept next to the toilet and it was really uncomfortable." Shane told us. Lisa wasn't even speaking, she had her head down on the table. "Do you guys want sleeping pills?" I asked. Lisa looked up and nodded. Joey, Shane, and I had food but Lisa only had a few sips of water.

We collected our bags and headed to the car. Joey drove and I was in the passenger. I gave the pills to Shane and Lisa and soon enough they were knocked out. Joey had his hand on the stick shift, I put my had on top of his. He looked at me and I smiled at him.

. . .

This was our routine for the past two days and finally we were arriving. Lisa was finally getting better. She and Shane have gotten a lot more sleep and so have I and Joey. For YouTube Shane, Joey, and Lisa have been posting collabs because car vlogs are boring.

"We're here." Shane said while pulling into a parking lot. Lisa was up front and Joey was on my lap sleeping. I pet his head and said, "Joey, get up we're here." He slowly sat up and yawned. I kissed his temple.

We got out of the car and into the hotel lobby. Shane went up to the desk to get our rooms.

After a few minuets he came back with a disappointed look on his face. "They gave up one of our rooms so now we have to share a room." Shane told us. "I don't really care, as long as no one planned any funny business." I said eyeing Shane, but laughing shortly after. "But they did give us a free dinner at Epcot." Shane said.

We headed up to our room and when we walked in it was Toy Story everything. It was all Toy Story themed. It was around six so we went to eat.

After dinner we were all pretty tired so we just hung out in the room. Then we went to bed.


Not a very eventful chapter but trust me next chapter will be. Also Lisa getting sick didn't mean anything really. It was just something to make the car chapters more interesting. Anyway baiii!!!!! Also sorry this took longer to update the chapter I was writing took longer to write because I had writers block. Sorryyyy!!!!!!

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