30 Day Challenge

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1.       An animal I’d like to be and why

2.       Five guys I find attractive

3.       Something that I miss

4.       Five places I’d like to visit

5.       10 songs that play if I put on my IPod shuffle

6.       Five things I like

7.       Five things I don’t like

8.       Something that makes me smile

9.       Something that makes me sad

10.   Something that keeps me going

11.   Tell about your best friend

12.   Something that is currently bothering me

13.   One word that sums up my entire day

14.   A song that sums up my mood today and why

15.   Something that scares me

16.   Someone I feel protective over

17.   A favorite quote

18.   A favorite band/singer

19.   5 facts about myself

20.   A dream of mine

21.   Someone I look up to and why

22.   An idol of mine

23.   My favorite color

24.   Do I read? Why or why not?

25.   Five pet peeves

26.   Three things I would change about myself I could

27.   One confession

28.   One thing I want to happen in the future

29.   Someone or something that can always make me laugh

30.   Anything I want to post about

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