Chapter 6- Your my everything

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Lizzie's Pov

Its been a year since James asked me out. Its been the best year ever. I only wish I could say I was going to James' forever. I'd love that. I sat next to Tom and Dougie. They were both half asleep. It's only 9 in the morning and the boys are going on a McBusted tour. I would say I was sad but I get to go aswell! The other girls are busy so it's just me but Gi said she might be joining us when we stop in london.

On the Bus

All the boys except Matt had fallen asleep once we were on the bus so it was just me and Matt awake which ment we could pull pranks on the rest of them. For Harry we used his phone and texted Danny saying " Hey babe, when are we going to get some time alone ?" Matt came up with it. We pranked them all and sat down to watch tv. At about 11 James woke up and came to sit beside me on the sofa. I was shattered by now and could barely keep my eyes open.

James' Pov

I sat half asleep next to Lizzie who was fighting to keep her eyes open. After about 5 minutes I felt her head drop onto my shoulder as I was still tired I shut my eyes and fell asleep next to her.

Matt's Pov

I sat awake for ages. Because the tour bus is awesome it has proper bedrooms but the down side is that there are only 5 rooms so someone has to lie on the sofa or the floor. Because I am the oldest I said I would sleep on the floor the forst couple of nights. It was about 11 in the morning and I had barely slept so I went and lay on the floor in Tom's room and slept there.

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