Unexpected Niall Horan

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Chapter 1

Michelle's POV

Come on, I can't get late to class on the first day. Ok, I got my notebooks, textbooks, pencils... All set! "Good morning class! I will be your new homeroom teacher, Mrs. Hernandez. Some of you are new here, so I shall pair you up with those who already know the system. Stand up if you are new to this school". Let's see who is new this year. Ok, a shy girl named Emily, must have been bullied before she came here due to the scars on her wrists; Abigail, a girl who easily stands out in the crowd with her perky personality; Jose, foreign exchange student, quite the flirt around the girls. "Well , I could have sworn there were 4, where is Neal?" "Mrs. Hernandez, it's Niall" said a voice. The class turned and saw a boy with the most amazing eyes I have ever seen, dark brownish hair, and had the voice of an angel. "My apologies Niall. Now, let's partner you 4 up. Emily go with Casey"  that's good, Casey is the moat caring person I know. "Abigail go with Victoria " great, now the two of them make the school bullies. "Jose go with Dean" ladies and gentleman, I give you the flirts of the school. "Niall , you can go with Michelle" ok crap, my teacher wants to kill me. " At the end of the day, for those who are new, I want a paragraph describing how you spent your day. Have a great day!" And with that the bell rang. When is my funeral? "So I guess you are my partner. What's your name?" Niall asked. "It's Michelle. Where do you come from?" "Mullingar, Ireland. After my parents divorced,  my father sent me here." " Oh sorry. Well I hope you habe better experiences here than in Mullingar, other than the cafeteria food of course."  Niall chuckled at my response. It was the most sexiest thing I ever heard. Crap,  it's happening all over again. No I can't fall in love now. Not again...

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