This Is Us *Matthew Espinosa*

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They laugh and stare. Why me.

I was in study hall, I ran up to Matthew.

"Why would you do that, I trusted you Matt" I said on the verge of tears.

"do what Kylie nothing. I did nothing" he said worried.

"everybody knows, somehow they found out Matthew." I said

"found out what" he whisper shouted.

"about ME" a tear rolled down my cheek. Out of all people I only trusted Matthew. He knew everything, and he let this go.

Eric fairly knew about me, but not this deep of a secret.

I took Matt's hand and led him outside.

"Kylie you have to trust me." anger in his voice.

"How. how do I trust somebody who told the whole school about something I only told ONE PERSON." I said crying.

"Kylie please-" he said demanding.

"please isn't shit, nobody would know about me being crazy, because I didn't tell anybody besides you Matt" I broke down right then and there.

Matthew came up to me, I took a step back. I finally collapsed into his strong hugs. Why did I blow this again?

After about 10 minutes Matt spoke up.

"Do you wanna go home Ky? Or my house my mom has pie!" he said enthusiasticly.

"YES. APPLE?" I screamed. He nodded

"Lets go. Get in my car" he spoke

when we arrive there is a bunch of cars in the drive way. I shake it off but then I see people in Matt's back yard. Matt's house is huge, we live in the same neighborhood so I guess we can say were the rich kids of the high school. "do you mind if the boys are over," he spoke "they will probably just be in the pool the whole time."

"uhh. sure!" I said. On the inside I was dying I love when they all come over we have so much fun in the pool and all the pranks its awesome. We pulled into what was left of the garage and walked into the door Matthew screamed "YO DIP-SHITS IM HOME! I BROUGHT ALONG A SURPRISE!!!" he screamed. All the boys ran in at the sound of 'surprise'.

"Whats our amazing surprise?" Taylor asked in a strong accent.

"ME" I sang and jumped into hug all of them. We all screamed.

"Lets go swimming!" Cam said. We all cheered.

"we need to go get on our suits! brb" Matt said. Me and Matt are like brothers and sisters we were bff's since the womb. Our parents know eachother and are really close. I ran into Matt's room and started jumping on his bed really loudly.

"if y'all are going to do it, do it quiet" Taylor roared. We just laughed. I ran over to Matt's dresser to get my swimsuit and bracelets.

"Kylie you DONT need those" Matt said sympatheticly

"Matt you know what happend today and its not going to happen with my closest friends." I snapped back. He sighed. I feel bad but it just can't happen. Not now at least.

"turn around" I told Matthew. He did and I got ready. "stay put" he said. Were such little kids. "I'm done" he shouted and we ran down stairs

We couldn't find them inside so we guessed they were outside. We ran out to the pool. I was standing watching every one be idiots when Matthew came and picked me up not even bothering to go in with me.

"lets play truth or dare" Taylor said. Of course. We all formed a circle and Taylor went first. He looked straight at me. "Kylie truth or dare"

"dare" I said with out hesatation.

"I dare Kylie to... kiss Shawn on the nose" that's all? "commere' babyboop" I said with a brittish accent. zaymn done.

"Cam truth or dare" I said straight to cam "dare me" he said with his arms outstreached. "I dare Cameron to... give Nash a wet-willy" I said. Hey I'm not good at this. He did and proceeded.

*Matthews P.O.V*

Cam said looking at the sky. *Mattypoo truth or dare" he smirked. Oh no "Truth" I said because there dares are always out of wack. "Is it true Matt that... you and Kylie have a thing?" everybody ohhh and ahhhed. I looked over at Kylie who was blushing playing with her bracelets. "uhh I guess" I hesitantly said. I look at Kylie and she was looking at me smiling. I didn't want to dare so I let Nash go for me.

*Kylies P.O.V*

"Kylie truth or dare" Nash spoke

"uhh truth'' speaking quietly.

"Why do you wear all those bracelets" Nash spoke up. I instantly turned to Matt who was about to yell at Nash when I just got out of the pool and ran over to the swingset and cried. I heared Matt yelling at Nash and then he ran up to me and imbraced me into a needed hug.

"Kylie I'm so sorry I didn't think he would do that" he said on the verge of tears. "lets go inside!" he said helping me up. "fine.fine." I stated only to find all the boys inside

I whispered to Matt "they deserve to know"

"Kylie, only if, your ready" I nodded.

"Guys come into the kitchen" I stated and they followed

"Yall probably want to know so here" I quietly spoke Matthew and I took off my bracelets showing them my wrists, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as they touched every scar all 33

"I'm sorry," I began to cry as I hugged Matthew "I have schitzophrania I'm crazy I see and hear things I don't want to its a pigment of my imagination. I was 8 when my mom cheated on my dad and she left us, my dad saw it all go down, me, I saw it all break apart. Every little single thing broke except me and my dads bond. When I was 13 my mother ran away with her boyfriend to hell knows where. So me and my dads bond grew and Matthew was the only one who knew about me and my scars. I'm crazy but don't think of me like that. I love you guys" I ran up to Matthews room crying myself until I felt Matthew wrap his arm around me and said "I still love you Kylie"

"I love you too Matthew" I whispered, and we drifted off to sleep.

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