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Rant time.
Remember guys, I'm ALWAYS open!! I will ALWAYS fangirl with you guys!!
So if you need someone to fangirl with or just wanna talk, I'm ALWAYS there!!!


So I'm gonna rant about how every bad person (besides Jennie and Eric.) got to live. I mean REALLY?!? You, veronica Roth, could of at least killed David!! but instead you made him forget the horrible crime he did (which was killing tris.) !! And I mean celeb wasn't that bad but he did make a few mistakes.... so you could've easily killed him off for us, right?!? and then we have Peter. YOU LET HIM FORGET HOW HORRIBLE HE WAS INSTEAD OF KILLING HIM?!?
like really?!? if you could kill Uriah you would be able to kill them! give us satisfaction!!!
Like really?!


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