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                  black beauty part 3

please tell me why as soon as we get out on the field they found us.

Sam: Oh sh*t.

Kamira: run

me:wait ninja.

so we sprinted to the other side to enter the school

sam: wasn't we going down together

me:well we can at least try to get away.

as soon as I said that the principal and the council was there waiting for us.

principal: mmmhh you think you slick don't you

everyone: damn.

so we all walked down to the office and when we made that she was going to be mad not to mentioned she is black and know all of are parents, the worst situation you can be in.

principal: so from what I herd from the little white sneeches, Kamira socked Kylie in the face, is that right.

as soon as she finished Adoncia came busting In the door like she the police.

Adoncia:what in the world did you do,they pulled me out of class and ask me a million things that I didn't know.

me:we'll tell you later dang

Adoncia:you better

me:you know I don't have to

principal: alright that's enough


principal: just tell me one thing Kamira, who started it.

Kamira: she did.

principal: did she deserve it.

Kamira: yes she did

principal: did they do anything.

Kamira: nope but they tried to stop me like good friends would do.

principal: OK y'all off the hook.

everyone: what really.

principal:Yea I understand how it is for y'all longs if you didn't start first then iam OK but doesn't mean you will get away with everything especially you Sam.

Sam: man why you got to call me out like that.

principal: because I know you now go on.

after that we found Kylie , as soon as I saw her we busted out laughing, after we got done the bell rung and then we went home,I was not trying to get back on that old bus so I walked home with Adoncia, Sam, leyat, and Kamira.

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