English Lit. was actually pretty cool :). We had a project coming up soon, and I intended on revising as much as I could.

However knowing me, revising would turn into going on tumblr, texting,  eating food, and anything but.

Hurrying down the corridor full of people, I made my way to art.

I paused, wondering whether or not to knock, but I reminded myself who I am and what I'm here for and barged straight in.

Many students jumped in shock including the teacher.

An art canvas fell down, a paint pot spilled over this girls white jeans, A guy dropped all his acrylic paints and stared at me, but my eyes were locked onto his.

Mr WannaBe Badboy.

Who knew Mr Badboy had a secret passion for art.

Oh and the signature smirk 'blessed' me with its presence (!)

A short skinny woman with her blonde hair in a pony tail rushed over to me, like I was fresh meat.

"Hiiiiiiiiii!" She squealed practically in my ear, while bouncing up and down like a 5 year old.

I winced and took a step back, earning an amused laugh from the 11 students in the class.

"I'm Miss Stebbings, I will be your Art teacher and mentor for the next two years! So get comfortable, your gunna love it!" She exclaimed, her eyes shining in excitement.

I smiled awkwardly removing her arms from my shoulders and scanning the room for a place to work.

Stebbings must have noticed my actions as she pointed to the place right next to Mr WannaBe Badboy.


"Come over here! Poor Dylanté hasn't had an art partner for years!"

She pretty much draggged me over to 'Dylanté' despite my obvious protests.

"Miss, you know its Dylan" He mused, charming her with his turquoise orbs shimmering brown in the light.

"Of course Dylan! Now ....." she pointed at me as if asking what my name was.

I quirked an eyebrow but told her anyway, "Ryder, Aymie Ryder" I mused.

She shot me a smile, " Yes Aymie, will be your new Art partner!"

Turning her attention to the rest of the class aswell, she continued.

"We will start portraits this week, so your gunna need to study facial features if your partners so spend this lesson analysing every feature"

Everyone muttered their okay's and fine's before starting their work.

I sat in the chair next to Dylanté,  and dropped my bag behind the canvas.

"Soooo.... Aymie."

I looked to where the annoying noise was coming from, and you'd never guess who from.


"Whaddya want now... Dylanté?" I asked completely amused.

He narrowed his eyes at me before continuing.

"Okay, so I suggest, we study each and every little flaw, or perfection so when we draw/paint/sketch it, whatever it is you do, it will come out perfect." He concluded in a very professional manner.

I nodded, Impressed by his work ethic.

"Of course your highness!" I joked, enjoying the non-cocky side to Dylanté.

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