Chapter 1- Aiden's POV

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Chapter 1- Aiden's POV

I am their voice of reason, I am also their brain and accountant.
"Dude, hurry up we need to go and talk with the man, so we can get that weed as soon as possible" Ryker said looking at himself in the mirror and slicking his hair back.

"Yeah" I fix my glasses and walk out to my car.
"Remember we need at least 40% of interest, that's what me and the fucker of Emire agreed on... Hey! Earth to the nerd driving!" Ryker said poking my head.
"Yes? I'm sorry I've just been thinking about stuff" I say thinking about Gigi and that day since we slept together.
I haven't said anything to anyone. As much as I want brag about how I slept with such a beautiful girl, I can't.

"What the hell are you thinking about? Getting laid? Man, I will help you and you'll thank me" He lit up a smoke.
"Coming from you Ryker, no thanks"
"Why the fuck not? I get all the pretty ladies anyways" he laughed.
"40% huh?" I asked to change the subject, Ryker and I had issues back then but settled down to a agreement. I will help him if he left me alone, that's why I got into his business.

David got into the business as well through Ryker, I feel bad for David, he's never stable he always travels because of Emire and Ryker's business. He's always gone, delivering.

"No shit kid!" Ryker said flicking the smoke out the window.
We get out of my car and stand before this huge mansion with two body guard guarding every entry.

"Is the boss here? It's Ryker and we need the stuff" Ryker said to the guard giving him a twenty dollar bill.

My hands begin to sweat. Sometimes I don't know how Noel, David and me do it but we must have the guts to do this. Is it the payment and fame?
I think so.

"Boss said come inside" the guard said.
We walk in and all of the sudden my phone vibrates and the two guards don't hesitate to point their guns to me.
"HEY! He's not the police! It's just his phone" Ryker yelled at them raising his arms in the air and so do I.

Then the boss walks out laughing and clapping his hands.
"It's alright boys its just my two favorite employees" he laughed.
"Go ahead son, answer" he told me and Ryker began to laugh.
I answer.
"Hello?" It was Gigi and my heart dropped, her sweet voice calling me at a bad time.
"Aiden, I miss you" Gigi giggled and said "I wanna make looooove".
"Uhm Gigi not to hurt your feelings but its kinda a bad time to call me, let me call you back once I'm done with work." I say and hang up the phone withought  letting her reply.

 "Done?" Ryker pulled me into the house. The only reason why I come to these "meetings" are because Ryker is stupid with words and unlike me, I know how to convince.

"We'll boys, what happens to bring you here today?" The boss asked.

"We need more stuff to sell, we sold all of the stuff and we need to stock up" Ryker looked at me waiting for me to start talking business.
"Since we sold out everything in less than two weeks and its $650 dollars each, we would like 40% off, interest" I say looking at him eye to eye.
"You think I'm fucking crazy?" The boss said drinking his whine "you both think you can take 40% off from me and expect me to give you the same amount of weed?" He began to laugh.
"You either take it or we don't sell anything and your done" I say.

The boss raised his eyebrow
"Fine 30%"
"50%, take it or leave it, I'm talking business here" I lite up a smoke and took a few hits and gave it to Ryker.
"And I like the way you talk" said the boss, reaching for my hand and we shake on it.
"I'll send you your stuff and you better bring me that money you guys make" he laughed and shook hands with Ryker as well.

                                                             •   •   •

"Fuck yeah dude! You did it once again Aiden, Emire is going to be happy as fuck" Ryker laughed and rolled a blunt and began to smoke it.
" I hope so" I say driving back home.

Once I got home, I called Gigi back to apologize for hanging up in her rudely.
"You little turd" Gigi hissed.
"I'm sorry" I say shyly "I was working"
" working in what? Getting that body sexy so you can FINALLY get a girlfriend?" She laughed.
"Totally" I say in a sarcastic tone, "do you really miss me?" I say.
"Of course my little nerd, I miss that night as well" she giggled.
"Don't tease me" I smiled.
"Pick me up, I wanna see you"
"Okay, I'll be there." I say hanging up the phone and getting the keys to my car.

One I got there from a distance I could see Gigi. She got inside the car and started to kiss me passionately like if she's really have missed me.
That made me feel special and it hit me, it hit me hard.
I didn't want to believe it.
I kissed her. She was in front of me and she was beautiful and mesmerizing.

We got to my apartment and her first move was to take my clothes off.
"Gigi" I hugged her.
"Yes Aiden?" She kissed my neck.
"I think I love you" my cheeks flushed with a bright pink color.

"What?" She said shocked.
"I think I love you"

"Oh fuck no" Gigi said getting off from me and getting dressed.
"Where are you going? What did I say?" I asked beginning to get frustrated.

"You can't fucking love me you dipshit! I'm going home." She yelled at me.

Everything was confusing. I didn't know it was bad to love someone.
"Why can't I?" I asked her.
"You just can't love me, with ought me loving you back. You can't make me fall in love" she put on her shoes and walked out the door, leaving me shirtless.
I walk to my bathroom and wash my face with cold water trying to think of something to do.
"Oh yes I can, I can convince with ought trying" I thought to myself.

I put on my shirt and turned on my car.
Now how can I convince her, I drive around and began to look for her.
I found her walking back to Saint Marie.
"Gigi c'mon, let's go back to my apartments its too dangerous for a gorgeous girl like you to be out here" I smile and fix my glasses.
She seemed to smile and seemed convinced.
She got inside my car.
From that day I learned not to tell Gigi I loved her if I wanted her around.

We went back to my apartments and begin to continue where we left off.

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