Jacks heart break.

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Iris p.o.v

After Jack killed his brother and we went back home. Jack wouldn't come out of his room and didn't eat for the last five weeks

he kept the door locked. and when I tried to bring him food he refused to eat it.

it hurt me to see Jack like thisni didn't know what to do.

so today I decided to get a little Horney

I Put my best cloths for my bad girl side and just kicked Jeffs door open. with out a word.

Jack was siting on the other side of the bed messing with his fingers.

his hair all ruffled up. 

I sighed.

Jack? I say in a questioning whisper.


he actually answered.

I got on the floor and crawled over to him.

You need to eat. Please...I beg.


I almost screamed.

what can I eat?


You could it me.


I know what you mean by that and no.

I'll have pizza in stead.

I kiss him on the lips gently

thank you.

he smiles. no problem.

I giggle get off his lap be right back.

okay :P

I walk into kitchen and fix Jack his pizza.

i walk back in with the plate. and hand it to him.

he devours the to pieces I put on his plate.

Hungry much?

shut up he retorts.

you. I comment back.

He smirks at me.

and decides to stop talking.

How does my Horney outfit

I cant tell he Jokes getting closer.

I still can't tell am serious this time.

Really? do you want me to take off my shirt? I ask in a sexy voice.

You could....

I assume thats a yes.

I begin to take off my shirt. and Jack begins to Panic.


Oh well am still taking my shirt.

after a  done and stripped down to my bra and o panties.

I look at him at wait for him to respond.

Thats sea through ya know.

I Know.

why werenyou wearing this.

cheer you up of course. I lay on my side still facing him.

He gives me his questioning look. but slides over to me so we were face to face.

Just because your half naked doesn't make you beautiful..Jack whispers.

I wait for him to say the rest of sentence before kill him.

Its the heart that counts.

okay am not gonna kill him.

hey it least I got u to it. I say poking hi  in the nose.

Jack places a kiss on my forehead. thank you.

I smile

anything for you. I say back.

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