Chapter 1

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It was a cold night that the stranger saved my life I never got the chance to thank him for as soon as he appeared he disappeard into the night. My name is Charlie and im with the 3rd Marine Devision or at least I was before the world went to hell. The day all of This started will forever be known as The Awakening to those who are still alive. For you see on that fatefuk day our world ended and their world started. Ever sins that day we have been running,hiding,surviving. After the attacks first started those who survived fled into the tunnels or any place that could keep them out. This is their story ,our story.   Hey Charlie I turned around to see where the voice was coming from it was Willy my best friend we met in the core and haven’t parted sense. I stop in order to let him catch up he finally he did he grabbed me around the neck and ruffeld my hair he always did this when I came back from the field. After he was done messing up my hair he ket go of me and as I came up he told me that I looked like crap and smelt like it too. But that was Willy for you always with the joke. The rest of the conversation was him asking me where ive been and what ive missed while I was in the field for 2 weeks and spent the better part of those 2 weeks keeping things from making me their snacks. I was tired from the long march back so I didn’t really pay attention to what Willy had to say but something brought me back to reality. The expression on my best friends face changed all of a sudden when I removed the lighter from my pocket i9t was a gift from my girlfriend  Susan she gave it to me just before I left. For as long as I live I will never froget the look on Willys face as I took that lighter out of my pocket. At first I was surprise by the expression on Willys face that expression sent chills running down my spine and will haunt my nightmares for the coming weeks. After about a minute or 2 I finally scraped the courage needed to ask what happened to Susan. Willy wanted to say but his tong wouldn’t let him each time he started to speak it was as if his mouth ran dry. After the 5 time of trying he reached into his jacket pocket and took out the neckless that I gave Susan the day we met. With this I knew my head dropped and with a voice that will make children cry I asked what happened Willy started to explain about how some of the monsters got throught the perimiter and attacked the sation where she was held the monsters killed 7 people including Susan. My sadness turned to anger fast and I lost control I picked will up by the collar and shouted at the top of my lungs shouted “Where were You”. Willy returned the favor and shouted back about how he was at the gate keeping them at bay. My anger subsided and I let Willy down he started to rub his neck and suggested that maybe we should go get a drink at one of the bars.   Its started to get late and things started to blur but we kept on drinking until some very nice gentlemen suggested that we should leave. Not looking for confretation after a 2 week rotation I picked Willy up from the floor and dragged his ass outside. Willy started mumbling something about the tunnels I just kept on dragging his heavy ass to the barracks. About half way to the barracks my lgs went numb and I sat down next to Willy who passed out a while back after starring at him for a while things got heavy and I dropped and passed out. The next morning was a rude wake up call considering that it was a french horn playing next to my ear as I rose I was met with Willys face that was starring very attentivly at something. The I realised where I was it was the meating grounds for our barracks and we where passed out right in the middle of it and there was a big man hovering over me the company commander and hes was pissed at us. We where escorted to his office where we had our asses handed to us on a platter after about an hour of screaming and yelling and various words that cant be repeated the commander sat down in his chair and muttered at us to take a seat. Willy glansed at me before sitting down the commander started talking of some operation he wants to send us on me and Willy got up at the same time as to say no but before we could speak the commader uttered that this was not opsional we proceeded to take our seats and kept shut the rest of the time. Willy was speechless after the good commander suggested that we should take our leave of him and go get our gear we mobilise in an hour. I was walking to the armory with Willy hot on my tail when out of the blue a girls approached and handed me papers “transfer papers what for” I asked just before looking up at the girl.   She was diffirent than most woman ive seen in the colony she had brown hair with just a red strain of hair running down her cheek. After a few seconds of starring at her I muttered the words I later will regret “Welcome aboard”what she was cute who am I to stop her. We grabbed our gear for such a small female she sure was eager carring that big .50 cal on her shoulder after she checked her gun out Willy and I knew she’s gonna be trouble. We proceeded to the convoy that was waiting at the gate just for us how nice was that after about 30 seconds of silence Willy started cracking jokes one after the other and each less funny than the one before but he at least broke the tension between the 3 of us.   The convoy left shortly after our arrivel and no one dared to speak considering the hell that was waiting for us on the other side of the gaint gate keeping them out. For the first time after leaving the gate something didn’t attack right away this was a first of me usaully after leaving the gate peoples head would start flying. The men took this as a good time to take a nap “idiots” I heard from Willy next to me and I had to agree with him on all the ride alongs ive been on there had been attacks violent ones so we dare not sleep and it wasn’t long before we heared the Apc in front opennig up on things in the darkness of the tunnels. After the 20mm opened up people started waking up Willy and I always laughted at their terrified faces as they realised that they could die at any moment but that was life for you in the new world. Not long after the firing started it stopped the young troops fresh out of basic trainning leaned back and released a sigh of relief , but we knew better the men that have been in the field before readied their weapons because the silence is your enemy in this world.   Willy and I locked and loaded and asked Jade to do the same oh that’s her name by the way anyway shortly after inserting the magazine they started going at us they worked fast with in seconds the Apc would be on its side and as you crawled out they would come from the shadows and it would be curtains for you. But instead of tipping the apc on its side like they always do one of them tore open the hatch and screamed at us in a high voice nearly bursting my eardrumps but all of a sudden I went deaf as Jades 50 cal goes of and kills the monster I turned my head at her and she had no fear on her face what so ever. I knew this girl would be trouble but never thought it would be good trouble.   Sorry but it stops there for now have a lot of homework. I promise that Chapter 2 will be longer and action packed to whom am I writing this anyway Thanks to those who helped appreciate it.

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