Chapter 11

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Prince pov

When I woke up it was around 11:00 . Damn. I walked downstairs and there was a note and some breakfast. I read the note and it was from my mom

Dear jacob ,

    I left and went to mexico because I know you wanted to stay here with should get out more there is some new neighbors next door thsar just moved in. Ill,be back next week so...oh and also I left you some money under my bed in the box. I lovs you jacob and dont anyone pregnant unless its Morgan!!

     Love ,Mami

I laughed at the end part and started to my breakfast , I wonder who the neighbor is ......i hope its a purto rican girl , or maybe mexican , or black girl with a nice body . I sat there thinking until someone started to knock on the door

I opened the door to a Purto rican girl with killer curves and a nice ass body, with long brown hair , caramel skin ton and she was 5,3

" Hi im your new neighbor" the girl said in a sweet soft voice tone

" Hey im jacob, and your really pretty"  I said letting the last words slipp out

" thanks you too , & my names is nataly "

"come in " I said scooting aside letting her in

She sat on the couch and she interduced herself

" well my name is nataly rodridgez and im 17, im purto rican and black I have a little sister......

Morgan pov

    I was going to go meet up with

Daniel because he wanted to hang with me and aubrey, we are suppose to be going to a water park so yea im so excited. As I put on,my light turqoiuse bikini someone walked in my room

" Boo" daniel said" you didnt  scare me"i said trying to pretend he didnt.

" well my friend is " he said freaky enough to turn me on

" boy pleass" I said grabbing my sandals and getting my phone

" im ready for some fun and.water" aubrey burst in sayying it loud

We headed to the park and when we left out the neighborhood a girl was comming out of prince house.

" I should've.never trusted him" I mummble to my self " whats wrong morgan?" Daniel asked " nothing daniel, nothing at all" I said trying to play it off

O_o  what do you think went on in the house??

Will morgan find out?

¤¤Niyah ¤¤

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