Chapter 12: Chase

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 8:30 am

I rushed to wake the guys, we still hadn't pulled our first prank. I was getting paranoid and so were the rest of Team Diversity. Except for Zach, but he was just trying to pull off the macho man reputation he has successfully created for himself. We had to be original and hardcore, without breaking their happy go lucky girl spirits. I was thinking that we do something subtle to start. You know, short sheet their beds, steal their homework, simple, yet locked with a little revenge. It's priceless and bold. The perfect combination. If only I could figure out just what will get to them.

I woke Chris with a violent shake of his mattress and a splash of ice cold water, sprayed across his forehead. He got right up angrily, in the middle of my spazz attack.

"Where is my blue hair dye Chris? This is an emergency!" At this point, Chris looked like he was about to kill me.

"Why in the Hades would you wake me up like that, Chase Harrison Riley?"

"Woh, dude, how'd you know my middle name?" was all I could mutter in my usual nonchalant tone, with a bit of hectic thrown in.

"Look Chris, I'm sorry, but you gotta get up! I can't sleep and plus my hair's gonna be a wreck if I can't find some mouse and temporary hair dye in about 5 seconds."

Chris formed his open palms into tight fists pretty quickly. His knuckles turned white and his face red. Then he gasped for air.

"Okay Chase," he said with anger under his breath, you know the way your dad does when he's infuriated, but tries to calm himself by exhaling rapidly. Well this was exactly what Chris was doing right then.

"I'm not mad, just tired and stressed. I will give you your hair dye if you just shut up for like 10 minutes.

I was desperate enough to do that, despite my love of talking. Two minutes passed and I was done. Luckily Chris has a forgiving heart. I was able to spray in half my hair aqua blue, until Roy rung the dreaded breakfast bell. You see, Roy is as nice as guys get, but when it comes to cooking with him, I'd rather eat sushi from a gas station. Burnt toast, smoothies that tasted like pure spinach, over scrambled eggs, the list goes on.

Today I skipped breakfast and ran out with Chris and Zach to the picnic tables by the grills. We chatted up possible pranks until we came up with the perfect one. All those girls would never expect it. They won't know what hit them.

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